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Boy, Shola Olusola Warah, 21 claims  Honourable Sulyman Warah is his father but Mr. Warah says he is not his son.

You’re my father -Student; No, I’m not, please – Ex -Lawmaker

“When the aunt of the mother of the boy said she suspected foul play, sincerely speaking, what I said was that, if you are not comfortable with this result, I am available. Let’s go somewhere else and re-do it. If the son is mime, I will accept him. But I can’t take whats not mine. Since then, you have not come back to me to say we should do it somewhere else.

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Top: Catherine and his cousin Carla; Down left, Dr. Michael Mosley carying one of the girls who morph into a boy and Johnny who grew up as a girl

Caribbean village: Where female children grow penis at puberty

GIRLS in a remote Caribbean village are becoming boys when they hit puberty due to a rare genetic disorder. One in 90 children born in Salinas in the Dominican Republic grow a penis in a natural transformation from female to male. Known as the guevedoces, which translates as penis at 12, these youngsters are referred to in medical terms as “pseudohermaphrodite”.

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Lekan Alabi

100 years after: Ibadan remembers Adelabu Penkelemeesi

He was a precocious child and student. He was a prodigy and a man of deep intellect, an orator and a man who always pulled crowd. He attended C M S Elementary School, Kudeti, Ibadan and he had double promotion. He proceeded to the primary school in Mapo and he also had double promotion. From there, he went to the famous Government College Ibadan in Apata-Ganga. He also had double promotion, and all on scholarship.

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Late Igwe

One year after: Life without Dimgba Igwe by Mike Awoyinfa

They were like identical twins from different mothers. From the now rested Concord Press of Nigeria Limited, publishers of defunct National Concord, Saturday Concord and Sunday Concord newspapers, where they nurtured their friendship and got bonded in the early 1990s till last year, when death snatched one of them, Dimgba Igwe and Mike Awoyinfa have indeed proved to everyone that their friendship was beyond this world.

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We are looking forward to scaling up HIV/AIDS service delivery – Ogugua

Anybody that is HIV positive, we refer them to the hospitals and we don’t just stop at that we follow up and make sure they are well taken care of, we make sure they take their drugs but the issue is that we also engage them to be on our support group where we take care of our clients that are positive and they benefit from our support group.

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Out of school girls becoming parents

We hope to bring relief to out-of-school girls – Action Health Incorporation

AMINAT Yusf (real name withheld) is a 16 years old girl who resides in Iwaya, Lagos. Having been denied of having any basic form of education by her parents, she ran away from her home and came to live in Lagos. She was fortunate enough to meet some girls while hawking who helped her get a place to stay in. She was a victim of rape a few years later. As a result of shame, she never spoke about this ordeal to anybody. All she wants from the government and able bodied parastatals is for them to bring aid to these communities.

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Dr Chris Eke during his visit to Hearts of Gold Children's Hospice

Nollywood stars, cleric at 40 celebrate with Kirikiri inmates, special children

Visiting the prisoners, orphanage and children’s hospice, are some of the many ways we can touch lives meaningfully and leave a legacy behind. Most people would have thrown very wild or flamboyant parties to mark their birthdays or anniversary but with the view to please God in addition to giving meaning to the lives of the down trodden, Nollywood stars joined Dr Chris Eke of Word and Spirit Assembly, Ijegun Lagos, as he marked his 40th birthday on Saturday with the Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice and Kirikiri Maximum Prison inmates, Lagos.

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Golden rules about flying with kids

Towards making flying smooth in the holiday season, mega carrier, British Airways has offered parents some basic reminder steps to ensure a pleasant flying experience for passengers, including children. According to the Country Commercial Manager for West Africa at British Airways, Kola Olayinka, British Airways has always been concerned about ensuring a comfortable flying experience for every passenger to prevent stress on board.

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Disadvantaged children

151,271 disadvantaged children benefit as USAID, ARFH partner on dev. project

In a bid to address the lack of access to basic services which has long been identified as a major challenge facing orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in the country, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) on a five-year project that would benefit 151,271 OVCs and 30,254 families in three states, including Lagos State.

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