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The myth of party supremacy in Nigerian politics(1)

A sub-lead story said “Ex-minister turns against associates, petitions EFCC.” On the same page we were told that “EFCC invites Akpabio again, grills him for nine hours.” There are enough materials in those two stories alone on which at least six to ten weekly columns can be written. The most obvious story concerns the changing fortunes of people who were once regarded as untouchables.

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Jonathan: Battle ready?

In defence of Goodluck Jonathan

For columnists, there has been an avalanche of important events begging for urgent attention. For once nobody can complain of mental block when issues such as Ministerial list, Saraki versus Tinubu, Code of Corruption, sorry Conduct Bureau, CCB; Party Supremacy; 2016 Budget; death of Alamieyeseigha etc are hot items on the national agenda.

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Bukola and Saraki Danladi Umar

Code of corruption bureau, CCB, in action

The Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, should be renamed the Code of Corruption Bureau, CMB, as long as Mr. Saba is in charge. The fellow either has no sense of recent history or is just plain untrustworthy for such an important position. In his many years as Chairman of CCB the organization has brought only two important people to court. The first was Bola Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State, in 2011; the second is Senator Bukola Saraki – the current Senate President in 2015. The CCB apparently, wakes up every four years to select a victim to justify its existence – which had become almost a criminal drain on our resources with nothing to show for it.

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Ideas for national development – 2

When I wrote the first installment of this series, I knew that out of the six zones and over two hundred ethnic groups living in Lagos, the only objection would come from the South East. Okoroji asked who grew from the soil of Lagos; he must be deficient in the history of his own State and community in the East, as well as other parts of Nigeria. Who does not know that the Fulani came into Nigeria with Usman Dan Fodio?

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Tribute to late Ooni of Ife by Attah

The death of the late Ooni of Ife, like those of many great Nigerians, brought the usual avalanche of tributes from far and wide. Based on the time-honoured principle of never speaking ill of the dead, the tributes were generally positive. I would have loved to join the crowd but, to be honest, I met the Royal Father only once in my life – when he called a small group of Yoruba leaders of thought, to the Palace, to form a Non-Government Organisation

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Open letter to Buhari on behalf of Lagos State indigenes – 1

Mr President, permit me, even so late in the year, to congratulate you on your election as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, especially when that historic victory was premised on the promise of change. Granted the contents of the “Change Programme” were not fully spelt out, but, given the emphasis so far placed on eradicating corruption, it is fair to assume that it would also encompass “justice for all”.

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Who is minding the store?

Forget wishing anybody Merry Christmas this year; you might as well also dispense with the Happy New Year greetings for 2016. At the risk of being called, once again, a prophet of doom, let me declare right now that given the trend of crude oil prices, Nigerians are headed for the bleakest Christmas in history, and we stand to start 2016 with the worst economic uncertainty in our history.

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Who steals Nigeria’s crude oil? – 2

I was not surprised because the revelation only confirmed what I had written as far back as July 2013 on these pages titled WHO STEALS NIGERIA’S CRUDE OIL? Below is the 2013 article; and when you finish, if you are honest, you should send me a bottle of GULDER for pin-point accuracy on deduction and prediction. Now we are beginning to understand why the problem of crude theft was not solved, and would never have been solved if Jonathan was still in charge. Otherwise, how could a President who started work two months ago solve a “puzzle” which GEJ could not in five years? Expect more revelations from me on oil theft later.

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