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Corruption and the Nigerian Church

The church says it is the light of the world. The acting president has begged the Nigerian church to do something about the darkness of corruption that has enveloped the country. Professor Osinbajo is a pastor

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The righteousness of Biafra

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo Biafra has many opponents. Many who saw the civil war don’t want another war. Some others think separation will not benefit the average Igbo. These opponents are concerned about Igbos. Their arguments do not question the right of Igbos to make a determination. Then there are opponents of Biafra who find
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The Eko distribution company,a true son of NEPA

Nigerians say: “Like father, like son.” Igbos will say, whatever a snake births must be long. When NEPA was unbundled and privatized, the government promised an end to darkness. These new electricity companies haven’t just continued in NEPA’s dark ways. They have taken to the superciliousness and poor work ethics of public institutions that characterised NEPA. They can’t pretend not to be private companies. NEPA could give no power and yet conjure bills. Eko Distribution can’t do that, it’s fraud. NEPA didn’t need meters. It preferred what it called estimated billing. Eko Distribution can’t live that lifestyle, Nigeria is their Animal Farm.

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Igbos: The second class citizens of Yenagoa

In April 2017, Igbo traders took to the streets in Yenagoa in an unprecedented protest. Something had rattled them. Three prominent Igbo traders had been murdered in one month. They suspected something more sinister than routine armed robbery and assassination. They put their finger on xenophobia. The police dismissed the insinuation and reassured them of their safety. The murders were unrelated incidents, they said. The traders took the assurance but remained nervous.

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