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Nigeria and the abracadabra of rumourmongers

Many herdsmen have committed unprovoked mass-murders and they should be found, prosecuted quickly and hung

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Jimoh, the Arch Judas of Ondo diocese

Nigerian politicians are not a moral lot. And our political field, unfortunately, has no hedges. Without a political culture , without the guidance of tradition, without institutions, riotous baser instincts can roam unconstrained. Politics is a dirty game. But the exceptional contempt our politicians have for ethical bounds makes our politics unbearably filthy. Scandals are now mundane. A populace gifted with elastic spirits has been taking unending manifestations of depravity in their famished strides. But they won’t stop plumbing new depths. And now it’s Jimoh .

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The rise and rise of Justice Jero

Jero is a deity. In church, at PTA meetings, and when he condescends to his town union meetings, he conjures unfathomable dignity. Not the glory of politicians that fades quicker than cheap ‘ankara’ but a permanent invocation of raw awe. Once in a while, at the old boys’, he lets them have the privilege of his scarce humanity. Only a few of his classmates still remember he was never a genius. JB was inconspicuous. Jeroboam, the Justice, is a masquerade.

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The Judges and the DSS : The fumigation of temple

When Jesus chased away those who had made the defilement of the temple their occupation, he was perhaps short on due process. But that is what rottenness and wanton impunity invite – drastic intervention. If that synagogue were a Nigerian institution, many would have flung his rule of love at Him. And labeled him a rascally hypocrite – preaching love and ruthlessly whipping elders.

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