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Getting chieftaincy titles in the churches

When I wrote my first Christian book, I sent free copies to many pastors in Lagos. One of those to whom I sent a copy sent it back with “return to sender” written on the package, even though it was addressed to his church office. I thought this was strange until Lucky Polete asked to see the package. When I showed it to him, he said: “No wonder. That is a wrong address.”

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Men-pleasers and God-pleasers

Sly Stone was a big popstar. He was lead singer of the Sly and the Family Stone; an avant-garde soul and rock band of the sixties and seventies. He went about with a big entourage; lots of hangers-on who hung on his every word. Sly was clearly fed up with these people licking his boots at every turn. So he cracked a deliberately lousy joke. Then he looked round to see their reaction.

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Buhari’s New Ministers: To Steal or Not to Steal?

If you were appointed as Minister of Finance in Buhari’s new cabinet, would you steal? It all depends what kingdom you belong to. If you belong to the kingdom of this world, you would be a fool not to steal. No matter the anti-corruption noises being made right now, you would know you cannot be in that post forever. In fact, you can be removed at a moment’s notice.

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