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Fuel Price: The bone in NNPC’s Throat


The nagging question for any close observer of the market is whether or not diesel can sell above petrol and kerosene prices in a deregulated market space? If it cannot be so, how then does NNPC account for the present huge price differentials for both products, when diesel sells for over N200/litre? The following is a summary of an article published in May 2016, titled “Why Petrol will exceed N200/litre this year…unless”; nevertheless, with NNPC’s seeming helplessness and confusion with petrol and kerosene prices, “Fuel price: the bone in NNPC’s throat” seems a more appropriate title. Please read on:

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Prince Abiodun Opanubi: A personal tragedy

THERE are people whose lives may read like fiction. In a world built on material considerations and self- interest, it is difficult to come across people who are not engaged in the rat race, live selfless lives and are committed to serving others. Prince Abiodun Afolajimi Opanubi reminds me of such. Our paths although initially far apart, seemed destined to cross.

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Empty stomach breeds beasts

It is often said that if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. True, but in this age of free speech, people often do not understand that with freedom comes responsibility. So, it is perhaps better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt. We all have access to the mountain of information and we can process and dismiss any information that insults our intelligence.

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Detention of Zamfara House leadership could be treason

It is true that the years under military dictatorships distorted the political development of Nigeria in the crucial postcolonial period. Barely six years after the end of colonialism, soldiers took over the role of political governance of Nigeria. By the way, next week will be exactly fifty-years since the brutal murder of General Aguiyi-Ironsi, Nigeria’s first military Head of state.

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President Buhari

Pachyderms and governance (4)

Because the APC is in power right now and the need to maintain the misleading impression that everybody working for President Buhari is not corrupt, it would require public pressure and sustained effort backed by solid evidence from reliable sources outside officialdom to compel the EFCC to thoroughly investigate top officials of government.

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Jesus consoles the week

Resolve to end this year better

Brethren, it’s the second half of the year. Thank God that you are still alive and when you look back, you’ll see uncountable reasons to Him, even if you are yet to achieve your desired goal. What is the goal that you so much desire which has remained elusive? Is it a desire to secure a good job and have a joyful home? Are you aiming to have very good results in that professional examination that you have tried over and over again. Is yours a desire to getting married, is yours to have more children or even a desire to have a particular gender of a baby? Are you expecting a boom in your business? Or have you been struggling with the challenge of a sick child or even one that is going off track? Are you a victim of a conspiracy in the family, workplace or even in the church?

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University of Benin Teaching Hospital

The Politics of Nigerian University Appointments

It is very disturbing that we find ourselves going back and forth discussing the administration and management of the Nigerian education sector. We cannot overlook the recent happenings that no doubt would affect the quality and standard of materials produced under this system. It is also unfortunate that these developments have graduated from ‘joke’ to the ridiculous. There is something worrying about the future of the sector, especially since the inception of the government of the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government. To be fair, it is not that the sector had performed brilliantly in the past, but with recent developments under the supervision of Adamu Adamu, minister of education, there are causes for concerns.

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Senator Oluremi Tinubu and Dino Melaye

Nothing will happen

The man called Dino Melaye may never grow up. Whatever might have been the seamy nature of his upbringing, good fortune placed him in circumstances that would have afforded him a re-birth. He became, first, a member of the House of Representatives, and then a member of the Senate, the highest legislative assembly of the land.

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President Buhari

Our President, Our Memory Lane

‘’Men I’m checking out. I’m tired of no water, light, and no good roads. You can’t even find a bottle of soft drinks.” That was the 1984 NTA three-sentence storyline promo that had the late actor Enebeli Elebuwa fondly cast as Andrew. Andrew was travelling overseas in frustration that Nigerians had no public good; no electricity, no potable water, no public health system, no telephone, no schools, no roads, no security and no employment.

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Mental disability only

I read many novels in those days. But age, new responsibilities and interests have altered my focus. But I cherish the knowledge I acquired from these novels. I remember something I read in one of the novels. A man got paralysed and found himself unexpectedly in a wheelchair. He was naturally downcast and demoralized; life became meaningless. That was when somebody close to him gave him a wakeup call. He told him to stop wallowing in self pity; a man lives not by his ability to run around, but by what he’s got between his temples (his brain).

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