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Abuja ‘Fleet- Street’ and that Kuje ‘Mother of Two

AFTER their burial, I did a tribute titled ‘Iyawo: Requiem for the Kuje ‘mother of two’ (Nov/3/2015) in honour of late Mrs. Adebayo (Iyawo or Mama Dolapo) who was tragically cut down along with two children in the Kuje bomb blast of October, 2 2015. I missed an opportunity last October, 2016 to do a remembrance piece on them –even though I had promised myself I would. But even as I rued that, a pleasant Facebook event happened which now requires a revisit of that tribute’: Vanguard’s Photo-Journalist Adeshida Yomi recently on his Facebook wall posted a material reminiscing on the Abuja ‘Fleet-Street’ of old –a bed-and-office media block of sixteen flats- in Area 3, and which reminiscing evoked not only fond memories of the good old cob reporting days in the nation’s capital, but also brought sad recollections of the tragic and the not so tragic fates of some fringe, non-journalist personalities that made life tick at that famed hub of Abuja Correspondents –Fleet-Street- where no journalist was worth the name unless he lived at or daily came to pick his bearing.

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Nigeria and Economic Recession: Way out (7)

Last week in continuation of my examination of the huge potentials of Agriculture as a means out of getting Nigeria out of the current economic crisis, I focused on the advantages of the River Basin Development Authorities established in 1976 by the regime of the then General Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR. I concluded by calling on government to to revisit the river basin schemes in order to improve agricultural fortunes of Nigeria.

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Religion will be Nigeria’s undoing

The practice of putting individuals before institutions is one of the many issues preventing Nigerians from benefiting from the justice, equality and fairness which their global counterparts take for granted. Instead, excuses, in Nigeria, are made to explain why certain rules don’t apply to certain people, or why “human rights”, genteel treatment apply only to the rich and not to the poo

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IN June 2016, Britain went for a referendum to stay in the European Union after being a member for 46 years or to exit. Becoming a member of the Union was itself a problem because General De Gaulle and other members of the then small European Economic Community, EEC, of seven or so members regarded Britain as a non-European country. EEC eventually evolved into the European Union – a strong economic community but with political overtones.

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MMM: The fool and his money are parted

THOSE who were in Lagos around 1991-2 would remember Forum Finance located on Allen Avenue in Ikeja,a company that employed a number of young men and women in flashy cars going about town duping the gullible of their hard earned money .Its famous advert was “Forum go double your money!”. It paid outrageous returns to its earlier investors and this made many fools to part with their money . By the time the bubble burst,it was sorrow and tears for thousands of unwary who lost their fortunes to the Ponzi scheme .

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Why Nigerians will become poorer with rising oil prices

BY HENRY BOYO The market price of crude oil steadily increased beyond $50/barrel after OPEC agreed to cut output by about 1.2million barrels/day recently. Nigeria’s export revenue prospects will consequently be boosted if the price trend is sustained, particularly if restiveness is minimized in the Niger Delta. However, much against popular expectation, the more bountiful
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More arms, less security

THE good news is that Nigeria has decided to scale up security at its airports; the not so welcome news is that this translates to Aviation security personnel carrying guns. I would have preferred scaling up security to mean greater use of intelligence services, more sophisticated security machines and more vigilance. As it is, we are already saturated with arms which have not translated into better security; rather, it seems the more arms we introduce, the less security in the country.

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Still on El-Rufai

The 2019 elections are starting early in Kaduna State and the first slogan of the campaign for those elections is El-RUFIA MUST GO – at least that should be expected from some quarters in the light of the disaster that is Southern Kaduna. He can go and run for President since he is rumoured to be interested in presiding in Aso Rock

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Christmas in’Biafra’ and other stories

As readers of the ‘Orbit” may surely have noticed, this column went on furlough in the last four weeks. I’d chosen silence as a means of introspection and rejuvenation. Sometimes, Nigeria can hit one with such intensity in the gob, and force us to muteness. As every self-respecting newspaper columnist knows, such moments call for self-imposed solitude, and this to avert burn-out. Nigeria is indeed like that hot soup in the stories, which we must learn sometimes to lick from the edges of the bowl.

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IBORI: Delta people are no fools !

The recent release from a British prison of a former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori has since it happened last month attracted comments from across the nation. While many especially Deltans were happy about the development, analysts from other parts of Nigeria were virtually disgusted over what they saw as a sheepish people turning an ex-convict into their hero

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Set yourself free with the Word

Brethren, the year 2017 is unfolding. As individuals, we have our aspirations and expectations but, as Christians, we should always remember that these dreams would not become a reality when we exclude the divine touch. What do I mean? With you on the side of God and God on your side, your little efforts will produce amazing testimonies. You will definitely have pleasant surprises.

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Want hot sex? Stay clear of men over 60!

VERA always thumbed her nose at women who she said make a fool of themselves by running after toyboys. If she were to have a relationship outside her marriage, it would be with men in the same age bracket as her. So now in her sixties and her husband of over 20 years resting in his grave, she was lucky to have landed a man in her age bracket for a date.

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