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What will happen when Christians no longer turn the other cheek? – 2


The first part of this series was concluded and sent to the SUNDAY Editor on Sunday, August 14, 2016. The next day, Monday, two Nigerian newspapers, GUARDIAN and NATION, carried the same story with the heading ‘New York Imam, Assistant shot dead”. The report was undoubtedly sourced from the wire services or the internet. The NATION’s version is hereby reproduced fully.

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KIT SCANDAL...Team Nigeria appeared in the worst outfit among participating countries at the Opening Ceremony of the ongoing Olympics. They appeared in their track suits instead of the outfit showcased before President Muhammadu Buhari at the handing over ceremony at the Presidential Villa prior to their departure.

If you fail to plan, prepare to fail

I am not in the business of “I told you so “but I told you so. Two weeks ago, in my column titled:” Paralysis by analysis, I wrote about the litany of disasters leading to the Olympics in Rio; how athletes were turning to social media to fund their training and flights, how ill-prepared the Nigerian athletes were, how unsupported and ill-equipped they were, how tightly controlled the allowance for the athletes that were as they were allocated $75 daily and told they would get the other half on their return home!

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Constituency projects are a nonsense that must be abolished

“But for constituency projects, many rural communities would never have known about the existence of the Federal Government let alone benefitting from budgets. Thanks to the mechanism of the projects which ensures that every year projects such as solar powered bores(sic) [bore holes], hand pumps, school infrastructure, dispensaries, skills acquisition centres, poverty alleviation (sic), etc. are implemented, however poorly the implementation” (bold and italics added).

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Jesus is the New Testament Bible

Jesus says: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4). Many take this to mean there is life in the scriptures. But Jesus says different. He tells the Jews: “You diligently study the scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” (John 5:39-40).

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A Zamfara community burnt down by the rampaging Fulani herdsmen

The Zamfara killings

A man named his dog “Buhari” and he was quickly arrested, brutalized at the police station, and promptly brought to court, according to the police for constituting public nuisance capable of causing a breakdown in law and order. It was a strange charge, and there was public uproar about the abridgment of the rights of a private citizen, doing the most private of things: naming his personal pet. But the indelicacy of the situation has more to do with the act of naming judged subversive.

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Umuada Ndigbo in diaspora

The futility and irrationality of revenge (2)

So, let us try to consider as dispassionately as we can, on the basis of available data, whether the first military coup was indeed an Igbo coup, as alleged by some writers such as Isama Elaigwu, in Gowon: The Biography of a Soldier-Statesman and Karl Maier, in This House has Fallen Nigeria: in Crisis. But before we do that, certain basic points must be highlighted.

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Your man’s impotence need not ruin your relationship!

IN a recent chat with Mark, a casual acquaintance for years, he accused me of portraying sex as a fun thing that people happily went into when the urge took them without a care for that dreaded sexual dampener – erectal failure. Was he a victim? I asked, expecting profuse denial. “Yes I am, and it’s no thanks to an ex-girlfriend who laughed derisively when I tried to make love to her and failed”.

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Petrochemicals and adventurous diversification expedition

John Sculley a U.S. businessman, entrepreneur and investor in high-tech startups in this technology quote said ‘’We try to picture what the products will be and then say, what technology should we be working on today to help us get there?’’ That should be the spirit in finding solutions to complex problems but who leads the symphony orchestra? That is our failing and melancholy as a nation.

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, G.O, RCCG

Pastor Adeboye and the Maelstrom

Every father owes his children a little marriage talk. Fears and idiosyncrasies, regrets and dreams , magic and blunders will intermingle. Political correctness won’t feature. The father wants for them – a head start. If the father thinks marriage is blissful but sacred , and divorce is a catastrophic last resort , his wisdom would be cautionary. Age sees beyond the shimmer of youth . It has witnessed the death of too many fantasies. Old eyes may dim from wear but the benefit of retrospection makes the old, despite its tears, more reliable. Hindsight ,they say, is perfect vision.

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CHAMPIONS... Victorious CAF U-23, AFCON Champions, Nigeria’s Dream Team celebrate after defeating Algeria in the final, Saturday night.

An obvious misfit

The traditional visit to Aso Rock had not yet been made before this was written. We hope it would include all the journalists who fed us with those juicy news items from Rio 2016. In actual fact, there was not so much juice in what could be sent home about Nigeria, though we heard about the twenty-something medals of Phelps and the “triple-triple” of Bolt. We did not prepare for the performances that produce such results, and we all know that. There had been other times when good fortune gave us what we did not really deserve, but this was not one of them.

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The taste of ashes

I missed the opening of the Rio Olympics. I was told by those who watched it that it was a spectacular, not-to-be-missed event. But I was, unfortunately, shuttling planes and airports and was more concerned at that time with getting self and baggage to the next destination safely. In the process, I also missed the first game of the dream team which it won handily despite the match being played within hours of the team’s arrival in Rio. That feat demonstrated the power of the spirit over physical limitations. The consequence of these was that I was determined to watch the closing ceremony and as many of the dream team’s matches as I possibly could.

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