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Aren’t the Fulani herdsmen Nigerians too?

Fulani herdsmen

If my ancestors came from the Fouta-Djallon region(now modern day Guinea), over 200 years ago to conquer a territory that is now Northern Nigeria, does that make me any less Nigerian than someone whose ancestor left the ancient Dahomey empire in today’s Bénin Republic to marry a woman from Abeokuta? Is an African-American whose ancestors came from West Africa on slave ships any less American than an Irish man who fled the 19th century Irish potato famine then settled in New York?

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Mrs Ada Jesus (left) Evang Rose Nwachukwu (right) shaved and clothed the victim; and the victim during the interview. 

Mad woman becomes Choir Mistress after 35 years of insanity

According to Prophet Onyeka who spoke in his church at Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, during a special dedication service where Chioma is presently worshiping, “I held Chioma by the hand as she was passing by and she shouted, ‘’hapu m!” (which means leave me alone!) and I immediately ordered her to bow down”. “Initially, she disobeyed me by repeating the command after me to also bow down but I knew I was not fighting with Sister Chioma, but the evil spirit that was tormenting her. It

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Labour’s new minimum wage demand: Maximum trouble

NIGERIA’s labour movement is surely in a state of intellectual crisis. The leadership of the leading associations of workers in the country needs both moral and intellectual revival. Even if one is inclined to think that the obvious moral deficiency that current labour leaders exhibit demands more immediate attention that any other matter that puts a question mark on their relevance to the life and plight of the Nigerian worker, their manifest display of intellectual vacuity might be more demanding of urgent amelioration than anything else.

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Jonathan: To arrest or not?

I MET Robert Azibola in the trenches in the dark days of General Sani Abacha.He was one of the young activists then who were singing uncomfortable tunes in the ears of the dark-goggled dictator.I lost contact with him for several years until I ran into him in the lobby of an hotel in Abuja early 2015.That was when he told me he is cousin to then President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

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•Odia Ofeimun

Like Obama, Odia Ofeimun turns to politics

BARACK Obama was a phenomenon when he turned to politics. His Presidential victory seemed assured that July 24, 2008 day he stood in a street to address over 200,000 Germans in Berlin, in the “Victory Column Speech”. It was a trip to Europe to test if the young Democrat had the presidential stuff to lead the world. He electrified the audience painting a picture of a new world, a new partnership and a new direction towards peace. He displayed the rarity of a genius.

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NLC protest electricity tariff hike in Abuja

N56,000 minimum wage or a stronger Naira?

The leadership of organised Labour Unions, last week presented a new demand for N56,000 monthly minimum wage, to the federal government. The President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Comrade Ayuba Wabba told a news conference in Abuja, that even though it is true that the economy is not doing well, but the law has stated that wages for workers must be reviewed after every five years”.

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A secular humanist critique of religion (2)

Like other psychological traits the combination of which, with physical and intellectual attributes, constitute human nature, faith and fear are not necessarily harmful. Faith, in the sense of tentative conviction about something or acceptance of a belief inspite of insufficient evidence, is rational and justified as long as the individual is willing to change his or her mind when better evidence supporting the contrary view becomes available.

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Double for trouble

Samson says: “Out of the eater came something to eat, and out of the strong came something sweet.” (Judges 14:14). This is a kingdom dynamic whose implications should not be lost on any believer in Jesus. Blessed is the man who has been held captive. When the Lord delivers him, he shall become a terror to his terrorist. He shall be given the authority to trouble his trouble.

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Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

‘It’s Time to Party’ Party Etiquette Savvy – PART 1

Everyone likes the opportunity to go out for a meal, enjoying new flavors, socializing and meeting new people. It is said today that more businesses are being conducted over a meal in restaurants than in offices. Whether it is at breakfast, lunch, tea, cocktails or dinner client relationships are being strengthened. Interestingly it has now become common place for prospective employees to also being evaluated over a meal not to mention current employees in line for promotion.

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NLC protest electricity tariff hike in Abuja

Waiting for the God of Perfection

By Funmi Komolafe Happy Sunday! Joyful   Homes   is here again   to lift    our faith and remind us that whatever   the challenge we are going   through has  expiry date. Whether it is visible or not,   the reality is that nearly all human beings have one challenge or the other.   I mean there is something that
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