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Happy mother’s day to real mothers

It is a whole lot of hard work caring for a child who will never be independent

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Understanding Buhari

CREATIVE dysfunction is sometimes an unofficial government tool. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo occasionally set top government officials up against themselves to test their loyalty or ideas. But there was no doubt who was in charge. US President, Donald Trump, is reputed to have the worst cabinet in modern US history, comparable in its dysfunctionality only
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Ibrahim Magu: Nigerians wait

MY article: “Who’s afraid of Ibrahim Magu”, published after the Senate’s first refusal to confirm the acting Chairman of the EFCC, is available on Vanguard’s website. Not much has changed. He is a thorn in the side of the guilty and all those who would watch every single Nigerian commit suicide out of anger, frustration and utter depression.

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Beware of Yoruba tiger’s tail

THE Yorubas say that you learn how to state your case not the art of fighting. The meaning of that is that he would only fight as a last resort. The depth of his philosophy tells you that he is running from a fight not because he is a coward but for the fact that he thinks through issues and knows that it is better to avoid a fight except it becomes inevitable. When eventually he is pushed to a fight, the landmarks are indelible for ages.

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What the Igbos want in Nigeria (4)

A FACTION of the visitant six geo-politicians used to plead for an Igbo president, without letting it known whether or not it is tied to the restructuring, how related to Igbo wellbeing that would be, or just another means of advancing their business interests or achieving the Igbo quota of federal corruption in Nigeria, which they have since 1970 been imposing on helpless Igbo masses at the state and local government levels, unrestrained by anyone.

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