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File: Christmas shopping in Nigeria

The air is filled with lamentations about the dry Christmas that awaits many Nigerians

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Wike and Amaechi

Rivers re-run

Active APC and PDP supporters will soon face each other in yet another electoral re–run in my home state, Rivers. I have spoken to several Riverians – non-politicians – about this upcoming battle, which has been scheduled for December 10th; and they are all extremely worried because violence has marred previous polls and the widespread assumption is that violence will rear its ugly head again next weekend.

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Obama and Trump

How lies become truth

Nigerians want to be lied to. We claim to seek the truth, to desire honesty from our leaders. Yet we’re all too comfortable with lies. It is our complacency, our acceptance of socio-economic backwardness as the norm which is the true cause of today’s recession. In a country where overnight oil millionaires influence public thinking and monopoly capitalism is the only unchanging policy, recession was almost inevitable, given our refusal to invest in anything else beyond rhetoric. We never imagined there could be an end to the quick and easily obtainable oil rents our entire society survives on.

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The Members of Civil Society Coalition for Good Governance  on A Rally against Department of State Security Service[DSS] on Recent Clampdown on Judges in Nigeria, Theme: War on Corruption Through due prosess, Pix: Mr. Adeola Ilori, {middle in Black Suit] Convener of the Group, during the rally, at Testing Ground Bus stop, along Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos, on. 02/11/2016. Photo: Bunmi Azeez

DSS midnight arrest of judges: Legal issues and recommendations (4)

It is with the above in mind that I recommend the following:
a.Build and strengthen institutions that will outlive individual governments – Governments will come and go but strong governmental institutions will last forever. Government should therefore strengthen institutions such as the NJC to further enhance its capacity to perform its constitutional duty.

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President Muhammadu Buhari

High cost of borrowing: Who is fooling who?

There is a limit to which you can grow a business with personal savings; invariably, sustained growth and expansion require additional capital, which may be subscribed or borrowed. It is less risky, for example, to borrow, if loanable funds come with cheaper rates below 5%, especially where gestation is necessarily extended; besides, easier access to cheap funds generally stimulates businesses to create more job opportunities. Furthermore, material inputs, similarly financed with low interest loans, will also reduce production cost, and sustain consumer demand with affordable prices.

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Weaning the children of violence

VIOLENCE rampages large parts of Nigeria and most of Africa. Generations are born into violence who grow from innocence to stoking its wild fires. A cross section of people including diplomats, intellectuals, journalists, retired generals and representatives of the Chief of Army Staff and the Inspector General of Police gathered in Abuja, seeking a solution.

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Our Supreme Court resurrects; leaving behind INEC, etc

All over the world, the continued survival of nations is premised on the viability of societal institutions as every such institution strives to meet the purpose for which it was established. For instance, the Post Office which is largely despised in Nigeria serves elsewhere as a tool for national development. In the United Kingdom, unending improvements in technology notwithstanding, service delivery in postal services has over the years remained superb.

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