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Restructuring Nigeria, How ready?

Restructuring the nation along the lines of true federalism with emphasis on resource control is a key factor in having stability and national peace

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Fighting against the truth

It is one of the major tragedies of contemporary Christianity that most so-called Christians are living a lie.

For a long time, Jesus was a big problem in my life. I simply could not handle the truth of God that he reveals. Before I met Jesus, I was convinced I was righteous. I lived my life under a strict code of principles and precepts, which I believed set me apart from the rest of humanity.

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(In)security and the police

At my age and with my profession, it is inescapable that I would have had encounters with the police at different levels. I have been locked up, put under house arrest, invited to make statements on quite a few occasions and once kept in the cold for over an hour at a check point at 2 am for refusing to ‘co-operate.’ But I can say that I have never been personally brutalised in any of the encounters. In that, going by the law of averages, I would say I have been very lucky.

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