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Wakaa, the musical, a soothing balm for a depressed nation

The evening was a ‘fantastic’ one, said the co-chairman of the Planning Committee of Lagos at 50, Habeeb Fasinro, after watching Wakaa, the musical, the drama piece that flagged off the Lagos at 50 celebrations.

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I like to seduce people with my stories and language — Okey Ndibe

Novelist, political columnist and      essayist, Professor Okey Ndibe, is a US-based author of critically acclaimed novels; Arrows of Rain, published in 2000, Foreign gods, Never Look An American In The Eye, etc. In this interview with Prisca Sam-Duru , Ndibe talks about his new book,  problems with SSS and  sundry issues. Excerpt: What inspires
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How Dickson survived federal might en route to govt house

Politics as a game is supposed to be played in a friendly way, but the tendency to win elections at all costs better known as “do or die” attitude of today’s politicians has turned it to a great threat to Nigeria’s democracy. Despite the more than 16 years of return to democracy, the politicians have continued to treat elections as war, oftentimes, political opponents boast about “conquering” the incumbent’s seat, or they will “take over” power by any means possible with the aid of what they call “Federal might”, or the power of “Abuja forces”, and this has affected the smooth conduct of elections in the country.

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