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Mbamali’s anthology of captivating lamentations

The poet forces his pain down his readers’ minds, awakening the consciousness of the political class

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Bamgbelu’s new book addresses issue of racism

Racism, judicial denial and the reminiscence of slave trade were some of the issues that characterised the British judicial system as it negatively affected non Caucasians, domiciled in England. These are based on the judgment of men based on skin colour by the British, all these and many others are the focal point in this book titled: ‘Mediocre Great England’.

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Walking the poetic lane of Soyinka

I have always descried poem as an expression of feelings from imaginative minds. Thus, a poet will do well when he/she relies on the immediate environment for inspiration for the conveyance of his/her feelings in the vehicle of poetry. This may explain why the renowned Poet, Niyi Osundare, submitted that African Literature, irrespective of its form, should be “endogenous”. A read of The Soyinka in Me is a reflection of this. The poems in the collection are a chronicle of experiences within and around the Poet such that span for years.

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