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Victor Mba goes solo with In The Beginning

• Mba presents one of his works to his promoter

ISSUES of sexuality especially as regards the girl child and her empowerment, will take the centre stage as Victor Mba,one of Nigeria’s most talented artists opens his first solo exhibition at Didi Museum, Lagos tagged In The Beginning. Mba who is having his first solo after turning to art 6 years ago, after a stint in the banking sector, has taken up the huge task of interrogating the pros and cons and the brouhaha relating to sexuality of not just Nigerians or Africans but that of the entire globe.

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Zoning To Unzone: The Power of Politics and the Politics of Power In Nigeria; Chief Mike A.A. Ozekhome, SAN,  Mikzek Law Publications Limited, Lagos, 2014,PP. 370

Ozekhome’s creative expedition: Moving Nigeria’s politics to graceland

It is doubtful if the historical records of both pre- and post-independent Nigeria politics would not be raped judging by the acts of its handlers and professional propagandists. Suffice to say that the lineage of Nigerian politicians have cowardly indicted the basic content of the manual of the past heroes who fought with all brands of determination to terminate slavery as engendered by the British colonists.

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Afejuku’s Poetry of Pulsating Reflections

A String of Sweets is an anthology of poetry written by Tony Afejuku.. The anthology comes to us as a phoenix of varied human thoughts recollected in moment of tranquility. A Spring of Sweets, can better be described as a diary of diverse human experiences in lyrics. Also, one may be correct to say that the anthology validates the immense capacity of the human mind to recollect and to reflect on avalanche of man’s unavoidable encounters with the many hurdles of life. Perhaps, the reason this writer is of the view that the anthology is a mixed bag of exhortations of love, passion, patriotism, courage and admiration on one hand.

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Kekeghe, Stephen Pond of Leeches; Ibadan: Kraft Books, 2015;PP. 100

Stephen Kekeghe’s Pond of Leeches: An Allegory of a fragile polity

Pond of Leeches written by Stephen Kekeghe, a play of fourteen movements of varying lengths with an aptly illustrative cover page is another new voice ingeniously crafted as a strong indictment on the political leadership of our nation. The artistic manipulation of techniques and explicit depiction of our common and disturbing concerns are the hallmarks that have ensconced this literary piece within the functional ambience of African literature.

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Prof Femi Osofisan

Femi Osofisan wins Thalia Prize 2016

PROFESSOR Femi Osofisan, a playwright, director, actor, critic, poet, novelist, editor and newspaper columnist, has been named winner of the coveted Thalia Prize 2016, which was announced by the Executive Committee of the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC/AICT). The Thalia Prize is meant to highlight the work of those who have helped critics around the globe to understand new ways of seeing and appreciating the performing arts worldwide. This was announced by the President of IATC-Nigeria, Professor Emmanuel Dandaura.

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• Nnedi Okoroafor

People called me witch but that spurs me to do more – Nnedi Okoroafor

I love African Literature. I have a Ph.D in literature and one of my dessertations was on African literature. I did my masters in Journalism before that. When I was doing my masters I was going to the university library thinking that I was going to research for my thesis and I ended up in the African literature section, reading everything there because it was interesting and the story telling was the best. I love Nigerian literature and oh!, I’m biased. I love Nigerian writing, by definition its always good from the classic to the present, its always good.

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•From left. Uzoma Dozie, CEO/MD Diamond Bank, Idiat Adebule, Deputy Gov. Lagos State, Prof Wole Soyinka (VOTC initiator) and Ingo Herbert,German Consul General,Nigeria

Prof Soyinka unveils 2016 Vision of the Child

THE Lagos State Government has commended Diamond Bank Plc for its leading role in championing the intellectual development of children and the growth of art in primary and secondary schools. Lagos state deputy governor,Dr Idiat Adebule stated this last week during the official announcement and unveiling of the 2016 Vision of the child painting and literary competition in Lagos. In an elaborate event at the Diamond Bank’s head office in Lagos, which was attended by Prof. Soyinka, Chief Nike Okundaye, Mr Victor Olaito, children from selected primary and secondary schools in Lagos, teachers,

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• A scene from the film

No Where To Run…Wake up call for safer earth

VIEWERS watched with great awe, the appalling condition of the oil rich Niger Delta region, the effect of the havoc unleashed on North East by Boko Haram, and the devastating effects of erosion on the South East, all in Nigeria. It was a clear evidence of a country blindly existing on impending doom. “No Where To Run: Nigeria’s Environmental Crisis”, is the title of a documentary film which exposes humanly inflicted disasters on some areas in the country, leaving the people in perpetual fear of the unexpected.

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•Flight, one of the works by Yusuf Grillo

2015: How culture producers, promoters made the difference

IN spite of the 2015 general elections that affected most of the activities of several sectors in the country, the Art and Culture sector globally regarded as the flagship for both economic and social development of any society experienced huge success. Even with the scrapping of the Art , Culture and Tourism Ministry by the present administration, arts and culture producers and promoters, saw to it that the sector went on with its activities and in return recorded tremendous success. This was because, the sector despite its contributions to the nation’s GDP has never been a good bride of the government.

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Into The World,  Onyeka Onyekuba; Phyleom Publishers, Nigeria; Revised, 2015: PP. 95.

How best to make it into the world in print

It is said that a good writer is one who relates intelligibly to his society and, using the society as a base to disseminate his message with a view to contributing positively to that society in particular and the world in general. The above statement can be said to be true of Dr Onyeka Onyekuba, who also writes as Onyeka Iwuchukwu, a literary scholar with bias in drama and theatre, a multidisciplinary researcher, and a playwright with varied experience and author of over eight plays, who has used her plays to highlight and address some compelling issues in the society.

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• Ashraf Fayadh must be freed: Nobel laureate Prof Soyinka (m) leading other literay icons during the march

Soyinka, other literary icons march against execution of Ashraf Fayadh

THE battle to save the life of Palestinian poet and visual artist, Ashraf Fayadh who has been sentenced to death by the Saudi Arabian government for renouncing Islam and for allegedly posting an online video showing women being flogged by Saudi Arabia authorities, continued last Thursday with Nigeria’s literary community led by Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, joining the global community to demand for his unconditional release.

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China boost future cultural ties with Nigeria through film

For two days, it was a real celebration of Chinese culture as movie lovers, especially lovers of the Chinese film thronged the famous Silverbird Cinemas in Victoria Island for much publicised Chinese Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. The festival which is the first of its kind was put together by the Chinese Consulate in Lagos as part of movies to help Nigerian friends to understand Chinese culture, history, society and boost future cultural exchange and cooperation.

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Okonkwo’s books harp on successful marriage

In response to the rise in the number of failed marriages recorded in the society, Leonard Okwudili Okonkwo launched two insightful books aimed at assisting married couples as well as the unmarried to understand the basics of marriage. The book titled, ‘Solid Foundation for a happy marriage and key points in a happy marriage’, which was presented to the public at the Union Bank sports complex, Surulere Lagos, penultimate weekend, brought together the high and mighty of the freight forwarding industry.

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Iwuchukwu underscores the importance of women empowerment

The issue of gender equality has been the focus of scholarship in contemporary times and the general contention is that women are oppressed and marginalized in many areas of life because of the patriarchal construction of the society which disadvantages them. There is no doubt that responsibilities and limitations of being a woman in a male dominated society are glaring realities in Nigerian society because the society has preserved attitudes towards women.

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