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Peregrino Brimah’s silent cry for help

For Peregrino Brimah of Every Nigerian Do Something (ENDS) notoriety has really ended. It is the end of reason for Brimah as he strives in futility to re-acquire a relevance he never really had. His futile efforts at a time tales are being told about the Lion King, hyenas, jackals and other lower animals is a stark reminder that we have as a nation collectively ignored one category, the outcast level of the animal kingdom comprising of carrion eaters in the manner of vultures, which thrive only where there is death.

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Our DISCOS are dancing disco

WE must continue to discus the challenges in our power sector until all issues are resolved. It is very important that we clear the misconception that electricity supply situation will improve if the tariff increase is effected. It is quite unfortunate that our Honourable Minister in charge of Power, Mr. Babatunde Fashola is stuck on this belief. It is clear that the DISCOS (electricity distribution companies) did not do enough due diligence before they jumped into the bandwagon.

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National Assembly to vote on 32 Constitution Alteration Bills today

The two chambers of the National Assembly will today enter the most decisive step in changing the 1999 Constitution with votes on 32 bills in the two chambers of the National Assembly. To avoid throwing away the baby with the bath water the two committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives decided to desegregate the Constitution Alteration Bills into 32 separate bills grouped in separate themes.

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Those who deserted PDP can now return – Alkali

First and foremost, I believe what happened was great for the PDP; it was great for Nigeria, for democracy and the rule of law. You could see that immediately after the Supreme Court passed its judgment, there was a lot of excitement, chest beating, and people were celebrating all over and surprisingly not even by PDP members alone but even non-PDP members.

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