May Day: NGO wants FG to abrogate contract staffing

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Osogbo – A non-governmental organisation, Advocacy for Peace, has urged the Federal Government to abrogate contract staffing in the public and private sectors.

The Executive Director of the organisation, Mr Owolabi Ajibola, made the call in an interview in Osogbo on Thursday.

Ajibola said the idea of temporary engagement of some workers in an establishment, where they carried out the same task as permanent workers posed a threat to industrial harmony in the country.

According to him, the greatest factor for high productivity and peaceful work environment is the assurance of job security and prompt payment of salaries.

“It is regrettable that the high unemployment in our country today has created the vacuum for industrial slavery in the name of contract staffing.

“It is so common in the manufacturing sub-sector where we have quite appreciable number of foreigners as employers; they hire and fire Nigerian workers at will as if there is no extant labour law.

“Cases abound where a temporary worker will get injured in the line of duty and the employers will hide under the temporary status of the worker not to pay any compensation,” he said.

Ajibola said that temporary employment for Nigerians amounted to slavery and was negative to labour laws, and stressed that government should urgently do something to end it.

“I want to say categorically clear that the concept of contact staffing is tantamount to slavery and antithetical to labour law as relates to the work condition of workers in a particular country.

“Government should use the occasion of the 2014 Workers’ Day to address this salient issue and create an enabling environment for Nigerian workers,’’ he said. (NAN)

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