Itsekiri graduates reject Chevron’s 12 training slots

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WARRI—THE National Association of Itsekiri Graduates, NAIG, under the leadership of Mr. Lucky Futughe, has rejected the 12 new Ogere training slots recently allotted to the Itsekiri by Chevron Nigeria Limited, saying they were grossly inadequate and negate the principle on which the Global Memorandum of Understanding, GMoU, was anchored.

In a statement in Warri, Delta State, Futughe called on the leadership of Itsekiri Regional Development Committee, IRDC, to prevail on Chevron to increase the 12 slots given to Itsekiri ethnic nationality in the company’s recent recruitment exercise.

According to the Itsekiri graduates, there was no basis for giving the same 12 slots each to Itsekiri, Ijaw and Ilaje out of the 50 persons recently taken for the Ogere training programme when “it is common knowledge that Chevron’s major area of operation is in Itsekiri communities as evident in the GMoU, let alone the Local Content Act, which gives prominence to immediate host communities in employment and contract awards.”

Commending the Chairman of IRDC, Chief Ayirimi Emami, for tackling Chevron so far in the employment policy as it relates to Itsekiri ethnic nationality, NAIG urged the IRDC leadership to immediately put machineries in motion “to address the recruitment anomaly,” adding that failure to correct the perceived injustice will incur the wrath of thousands of Itsekiri graduates.

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