Husband demands N425,000 as wife prays for marriage dissolution

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Okuta – A farmer, Gudaru Woruduwaru, on Friday at Okuta Area Court in Kwara, demanded for N425, 000 as claim from his wife, Sake, who sought dissolution of their three-month old marriage.

Woruduwaru, who presented the claim before the court sitting in Okuta in Baruten Local Government Area, said the claim was the money he spent on marriage rites between him and his estranged wife.

The items listed by the respondent included, a cow, bundles of clothes, bags of rice, pairs of shoes, body cream and dowry.

Sake had prayed the court to dissolve their three-month old union on the ground of “no more love”.

The plaintiff said that she had never met the respondent in person before the marriage, stating that the union was facilitated through the representatives of their two families.

The teenage wife noted that, “he is not the kind of person I had wished to marry.Please separate us”.

But when the husband presented his claim, the wife described it as too outrageous, saying her husband did not pay up to that.

Sake then presented a counter-claim, saying that she had distributed 10 plastic basins to members of their household as a new wife.

She also sought to claim all kitchen utensils she took to the matrimonial home.

While the two parties agreed on some items in their claims, they however disagreed on some others.

The Presiding Judge, Malam Ahmed Yahaya, adjourned the case to May 15 to enable the parties reconcile their differences in the claims. (NAN)

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