Hijab, integral part of Muslim Women — Muslims

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FOllowing our last week publication on hijab, some Muslims have continued to speak on the freedom use of hijab in public places and how it affects the duties of career women.

*Aishah Ajibola

Alhaji Abdulfattah Odusanya, the deputy Imam, Governor’s office Central mosque, Oke mosan, Ogun reteirated the use of hijab as an integral part of Muslim women.

“Hijab means covering or veil is incumbent upon all believing Muslim women as commanded by Allah in Q 24 v 31. The command from Allah to the believing women on Hijab is to distinguish them from other women and also to protect them from any form of molestation or sexual harassment. Almighty Allah says in Quran 33 v 59: “Oh Prophet say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their veils over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known (as free respectable women) so as not to be molested. And Allah is ever Oft –forgiving, Most Merciful.”

“It is the primary and most significant means of identifying Muslim women. The Hijab affords any lady to be perceived as a noble woman and not to be treated merely as a sexual object because men’s eyes will not glide over her body as it will happen when she is not ‘Hijabed’. There has been several cases of discrimination against women in Hijab at job interviews, places of work, educational institutions, nurses at hospitals and what have you. We have had cases of sack threat and even outright sack of Muslim women on account of the use of Hijab.”

“These acts are clear violation of fundamental human rights of Muslim women in Nigeria. Without fear or favour, we make bold to say that the Nigerian constitution guarantees the rights of the Muslim woman to freely (without let or hindrance) practice and act in accordance with the dictates of her faith and belief, since the constitution grants her freedom of belief and the freedom of association. Hence, the use of Hijab is therefore her inalienable right anywhere in this Country.”

“In the case of nurses, it is an administrative malady or hara-kiri to hear that two nurses at the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos were sacked on account of the use of Hijab, when in addition to their right under the Nigerian constitution, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria had issued an enabling Circular and guidelines allowing for the use of Hijab by Muslim nurses in Public hospitals with their uniform. That circular as we can vividly recall, referred to Hijab with the word written as ‘hyjab’. This discrimination is due to pathological hatred of Islam and ardent Muslims on one hand, and genuine ignorance of the Nigerian Law on the other hand.

It is pertinent to note that the Islamic Hijab is the only viable solution to the increasing cases of rape which is due to the astronomical increase of nudity among women in today’s ‘modern’ society. Certainly, the Hijab only covers the sexuality of woman not her femininity, and the covering of the former allowed the liberation of the latter,” he said.

No career should stop hijab

Alhaja Mariam Bolanle Ademoye, Chief Deeds Registrar, Bureau of lands and survey, ogun state opined that the wearing of hijab should not be a basis for sack and intimidation of our Muslim sisters who are career women in as much as they are able to perform their duties diligently.

Hijab does not stop a Muslim woman to look smart. Prophet Mohammed has taught Muslims sisters the way of Allah and no career should go against this. Surrat 24 v30-31, 51v56 also speaks extensively on the importance of hijab for Muslim sisters. Almighty Allah knows the mind and attitude of men and that is the reason he has made it mandatory for women to use hijab.

Hijab is meant for moral dignity and portrays dignity and respect. It is also to avoid our women from been raped or molested.


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