Expert decries high rate of sub-standard projects in Nigeria

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A project management professional, Dr Sammy Ojigbo, has condemned the high rate of project abandonment and the execution of poor quality projects in Nigeria, describing it as the bane of infrastructure development in the country.

The project engineer who retired recently from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,NNPC, blamed the situation on the lack of requisite skills about handling of projects, while stressing the need for the country to build capacity in the area.

“Project failure is a very common phenomenon in Nigeria; ranging from small, medium to major projects at the government, private and individual levels, as a result of poor project management and poor maintenance culture for the commissioned projects..

He noted that execution of projects on the basis of distorted tribal or political sentiments coupled with corrupt intentions, which is often the case in Nigeria, rather than proper objective project goals setting, is highly unlikely to produce completed quality projects.

He also regretted that often monies meant for the execution of projects are wasted as the projects are never completed and put to use as supposed.

Stressing the importance of capacity building in Project management, Ojigbo said, “The world is in dire need of professional project managers and Nigeria is not left out. The world currently needs an approximately 32.6 million employees with project management skill between now and 2016 according to the survey carried out by the Project Management Institute (PMI)”.

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