Allegation of rigging: PDP, LP fault APC’s claim

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It’s unfounded rumour—PDP
The PDP has faulted the allegation by the APC that it intends to rig the June 21 governorship elections.

Speaking on behalf of the party, its publicity secretary, Pastor Kola Oluwawole said “that is an unfortunate and unfounded rumour. In the contrary, it is the APC that has been going about devising every manipulative method to rig the elections.”

Speaking further, the spokesman said: “they are the ones training observers to rig elections for them. We have also discovered that the APC has been buying voters cards from unsuspecting voters at the rate of N5,000 for each card. All is aimed at rigging the elections.

The masses in Ekiti State know who is going about soliciting and buying voters card, these are their tactics. They are ones planning to do it and we have discovered their tricks and it will not take them to anyway.”

APC is lying—LP
On its part, the Labour Party reacting to APC’s claim, described the APC as pathological liars.

It’s media and publicity secretary, Mrs Bolanle Olatunde-Bruce said “APC should stop crying foul where there is none. It has become a daily affair for the Ekiti APC to tell lies such that Ekiti people don’t expect anything less from them again.

It has become their stock in trade. The Ekiti APC for instance plans an attack, issues a press statement before the attack and as its hatchet men are carrying out the attack, documents are released to the media, presenting itself to the public as the victim. They are pathological liars.”

Continuing, she said: “Knowing fully well that theirs is a sinking, drowning government that is already rejected by the populace, it is actually the Ekiti APC, through the outgoing government of Dr Kayode Fayemi that is planning to heavily rig the forthcoming elections.

Other political parties have accused it and we are also lending our voice by calling on the law enforcement agents not to treat this allegation with kids’ gloves. Ekiti people should beware of the apostles of “rig and roast.” In the real sense of it, are the master riggers.

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