2015: How effective is the Opposition’s strategy

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THE PDP has not been brilliant in the running of the country’s affair, since the current civilian dispensation – 1999 till date. They have continued to wobble and fumble, becoming so arrogant and insensitive to the yearning of the ordinary Nigerian, most crucially; the inability to contain the monster of corruption.

It is my belief that, if the issue of corruption is properly addressed, every other thing will fall into place. It will take a very focussed leadership, to sort out the issue of corruption and funds will be properly channelled towards providing infrastructure and other life lifting projects, such as; creating job opportunities. Hence the need for an alternative platform, that will help actualise these yearning s of Nigerians.

The APC came with a lot of fanfare, much hype, expectations and hope. A country with a vibrant opposition is a blessed country, as the activities of government will always be open to severe scrutiny. The APC, to a large extent, has succeeded in making the PDP to sit up to the responsibilities of governance. This is good.

The merger of the ACN with the CPC has created a strong propaganda machinery that is intimidating. They had and will continue to put the PDP under severe pressure, as 2015 draws close, but the question is; will their strategy yield the desired goal of taking over the government at the centre from the incumbent PDP?

Propaganda has a limit of usefulness, when people realise you are not truthful in your campaign, you begin to lose credibility. The Chairman of the House of Representatives finance committee, Hon Abdulmumini Jibrin, an APC man, has said that, the party was doing some of its propaganda in excess; read ‘premium times’ of 19th april 2014.

When a party member questions statements emanating from the top echelon of the party, there is cause for concern.

The interest of the nation is above the individual parts, in the form of states and regions. So, where there is a clash of interest, that of the nation takes pre-eminence.

Recent events portray APC’s campaigns tending towards polarising the nation, instead of unifying and building. Playing politics with the lives of innocent citizens is the greatest disservice to the people. Through their actions and in actions, they have embolden ed the activities of the Boko Haram insurgents. Each time there is an impact, in the form of containment, they introduce the ethnic, religious and political cards, like we saw with Nyako and El Rufai. It is like, ending the Boko Haram activities is not in their interest, check out El Rufai’s handle, he celebrates the activities of the Boko Haram sect.

Every party must collaborate to address this issue of Boko Haram insurgency. I am happy that the president called up a bipartisan meeting of all parties, it is hoped that the result of their deliberations will mark the beginning of the end for Boko Haram. Only a concerted effort by all will solve the problem. It is in everyone’s interest. According to Wole Soyinka, Vanguard newspaper of 17th april 2014, ” If the people are not ready to offer information on the activities of the Boko Haram, there is nothing the president or anybody for that matter can do.” If the north, collectively decides to put an end to the insurgencies, it will end within a month. As long as some people are benefiting from this madness, it will continue to fester.

There are so many positives from the opposition side to campaign on, like the performance of Fashola and Oshiomhole, instead of trying to bring the nation to its knees. With people like El Rufai and Nyako, the job of the APC winning the centre has become more difficult. Imagine Nyako’s letter denigrating the whole Eastern region and Rufai’s battle with CAN, that is bad and tactless politics, especially at this period of fishing for membership.

Let me repeat it here, as long as the north is embroiled in crises of the type of Boko Haram and the Hausa/fulani gun men, the opposition will not be able to win any election. Mark my word and remind me in May 2015.

It is less than one year to the presidential election of 2015 and the opposition parties have not decided on who will be their standard bearer, you cannot sow yam and reap cassava. The presidential election involves a lot of logistics, in terms of finance and manpower, it is not a tea party. You may be very popular in the north and maybe the west but if the other parts of the country refuse to accept, you have failed. You must be able to prove that the candidate you have, will represent the people better than Jonathan. It is not by shouting or negative propaganda, this is reality.

Can the APC dislodge PDP in the 2015 elections? I doubt it. They will have to work harder at it.

The leadership of the party have not handled the allegation of the muslim/muslim ticket properly, maybe, they are still considering a proper response.

Many Christians have put their hearts and necks on the line for the success of the APC. but the leadership have been disappointing, with the El Rufai and Nyako’s school of ethnic and religious thinking, it will be difficult to convince the people otherwise.

Where one expected proper democratic foundation at all levels of the APC structure, what one sees is arbitrary imposition s and this has caused so many to decamp in states like Kwara, Sokoto, Adamawa and so on.

If the opposition cannot set the example for a true democratic arrangement, why take on the PDP? We have established in the past that electoral corruption is the foundation for all other types of corruption, if the leadership is not accountable to the people for political decisions, it will equally not be accountable in the way it dispenses finances.

This is our dilemma for 2015. The APC and the PDP are obverse sides of the same coin. Politicians like Nyako and El Rufai are only promoting their selfish agenda, the masses are the poorer for it.

The final question I will pose here is; Is there no way we can get in a third party, free from baggage, with a clear ideology, focus and true progressives to move the nation forward?

We need a truly genuine third leg.

**The copy was sent before the Chibok girls abduction.

Mr. Sunny Ikhioya, a commentator on national issues, wrote from Lagos.

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