Obanikoro responds to alleged media attack

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Senator MusiliuObanikoro, Minister of State for Defence, yesterday said he had noted with dismay the coordinated and relentless media attacks on his person and office from a particular section of the media with deep_rooted interests in his public demonization.

In a statement by his personal Assistant, Ikenna Ezekwe, the minister said; “It is regrettable that at a time of national emergency, when total attention is required to surmount daunting security challenges, a less than patriotic clique within the media and opposition political circles have collectively chosen to demonize and distract him with spurious reports of phantom incidents.

“The unfounded but imaginatively contrived reports of the use of military personnel to intimidate political opponents, remains as described, an unfounded but deviously conceived attack on a person perceived by his political detractors to be the most formidable threat in the lead up to a round of elections.

“The reference to the Minister’s unscheduled visit to the Ilubirin site in Lagos as the act of a meddlesome interloper, proves the point that he is a committed stakeholder.

“There is absolutely no truth in the assertion that work on the site was disrupted by the military detail that accompanied him.

“It must be emphasized that the very serious environmental, statutory, legal, and ethical issues raised by the Minister have still not been addressed by the relevant parties.”

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