Nyako: Emergency Patriot

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MURTALA Hamman-Yero Nyako, at 70, should be taken seriously. A former Chief of Naval Staff, a former Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, who left service as Vice Admiral, his position as Governor of Adamawa State since 2007, makes him one of Nigeria’s top political actors.

His letter to governors from the North and “citizens of the North”, in the process politicising the security challenges, dividing the country, and calling “citizens of the North to action” is incompatible with his status.  We never knew there were “citizens of the North”.

What did he intend to achieve by allegations of genocide against the North? When, during the six years the killing has been on the increase, did he realise that it was genocide against the North? Everyone has been condemning Boko Haram for their senseless killings? They kill across religions and regions, in the most brutal manners. They celebrate their achievements. Does Nyako support Boko Haram?

Is the Federal Government to blame for Boko Haram? How did Nyako arrive at his claim?

We agree that security should be improved. Many think government is not strong-willed enough about security. Some think if full emergency had been declared, with governors of affected States relieved of their positions, as were the cases in Ekiti and Plateau States under President Olusegun Obasanjo, the likes of Nyako would have accepted some responsibility for restoring normalcy in the North.

By locating President Goodluck Jonathan’s origins in the former Eastern Region, and justifying the mass killing of Easterners, especially Igbos in 1966-67 massacres in the North, is Nyako also justifying the Boko Haram killings that have affected many Easterners?

Nyako, without proof, accused the Federal Government of hiring mercenaries from North Africa who are killing Northerners. He attributed attacks on him, Governor Gabriel Suswam, Senate President David Achelenu Mark, Emirs of Borno, Kano and other prominent Northerners to the genocide against the North.

It is interesting that Nyako thinks Fulani herdsmen are victims too. He did not mention that those who almost killed Suswam were suspected Fulani herdsmen who invaded the governor’s village and other villages in Benue State. He even attributes perennial killings in Plateau, Benue and Nasarawa States over land and politics, to the genocide agenda.

Nyako is of sound mind, contrary to what some may think. It is regrettable that a beneficiary of Nigeria’s unity, who fought in a war to keep Nigeria together, would abuse his immunity, by openly distabilising Nigeria.

His patriotism in the interest of the North is on emergency basis. How has he improved Adamawa State since 2007?

The Federal Government should be more forceful in dealing with insecurity without expecting support from the likes of Nyako.

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