Electoral seats not given but contested for, Fashola tells Igbo

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Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos  State has denied allegations that the Igbo are marginalised in the politics of  the state.

Fashola while answering a question on the representation of Igbo in his government at an event to mark his 2,500 days in office urged Nigerians not to ventilate their grievances on ethnic grounds, saying electoral seats  are contested for, not given.



Fashola stressed that he is running an inclusive government where everyone from other parts of Nigeria who are in Lagos have a part to play.

He said “If something is wrong it has no other name, it is simply wrong, the question about the representation of Igbos in Lagos government underlies the heart of the problem we have in Nigeria.

“First, I don’t see an Igbo as an Igbo, I see them as Nigerians and that is how it should be.”

He concluded that anyone who is interested in governance should contest and not expect power be served to them, warning that Nigerians must not pass ethnic differences to her younger generation.

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