Dissecting the spiritual darkness of Homosexuality

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One of the contentious issues that has attracted a lot of comments recently is the issue of Homosexuality or same sex marriage especially since President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan signed the bill into law. Many who commented on it commending the president for his action did that without knowing the serious implications as they just seem to agree that it is not natural.

But what actually is homosexuality, what is the origin, why should someone leave the opposite sex and be attracted only to a person of the same sex, why are some people so engrossed in it that despite the dangers they stick to it; how would Christians respond to it and what are the likely ways those into it can adopt to come out of it. These and other issues related to homosexuality are what the young author and teacher, Kenneth Chinedu Okocha who is divinely led by God, as a servant of God came up with in his new book titled Homosexuality as a Spiritual Cult of Darkness.

The 51 page book,  Homosexuality as a Spiritual Cult of Darkness is a six chapter book published by Beaken Enterprises, Lagos Nigeria. In it, the author who is a seasoned believer on fire of God attempts to bring to limelight the satanic wickedness of homosexuality as well as the web of iniquity and destruction tied to this ungodly lifestyle orchestrated by Satan while making it abundantly clear that it is a spiritual cancer that will spread as this age draws to a close.

In a detailed analysis of what homosexuality is all about, the author also brings to the fore the current happenings in the world such as the campaign for homosexual rights which serve as the preparatory ground for the eventual take off and the establishment of the government of Antichrist immediately after the church is raptured .

Divided into six chapters for easy reading, chapter one and two introduces the reader to the meaning of homosexuality and its origin. Here he said, “ while some people would copiously argue homosexuality is wrong, some others would argue that it is right. I wish to categorically state clearly and unambiguously that it is unnatural, it is filthy, dirty. It is unclean and highly demonic.”

In chapter three with the title, fallen satanic spirits controlling and expanding homosexuality, the author highlights how satan who rules the earth with his agents are controlling and expanding homosexuality while chapter four takes a look at the world-wide apostasy and homosexuality as a tool for its propagation, where he paints a picture of how satan use the various world leaders and church leaders to propagate it.

The author in chapter five highlights how Christians should respond to the dreaded venom while chapter six takes the reader to the seven fundamental steps to take to quit homosexuality and all forms of sexual perversion. He did not end it there , he also suggests what they have to continuously do to maintain their deliverance and enhance their work with God.

Fused with Biblical references and quotes, the author who confessed that the need to herald the second coming of Jesus Christ which will take place very soon is the motivating factor that propelled him to write the book said that the aim is simply to bring to limelight the dangers of homosexuality. As a minister of God, the author also warned seriously that the hour is here, so the earlier sinners repent and come out of it, the better.

The book is a good manual for all, especially the youths and those who are already into the game.

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