Uproar over death of 8-yr-old girl in Bayelsa

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By Samuel Oyadongha, Yenagoa

The Management of the Bayelsa-owned Diette-Koki Hospital in Yenagoa, have absolved the medical workers in the hospital of complicity in the death of an 8years old girl, Inato Sunday, over alleged power failure, saying the deceased died due to the unorthodox administration of a strange concoction of local gin and bitter leaf.

The father of the deceased, Mr. Sunday Nyingasa, had in February, accused the hospital management of negligence following the death of his child, Miss Inato Sunday, a primary two pupil, after a power outage at the hospital.

But the Director of Medical and Dental Services of the Hospital, Dr. Solomon Sagbe, while reacting to the alleged claims absolved the hospital of blame and insisted that the administration of traditional concoction of local gin and bitter leaf led to the death of the girl.

“It is not true that the actions of the doctors on duty led to the death of the girl. It was the administration of strange concoction by the father of the deceased that resulted in serious stomach pain.

“The girl became unconscious. After they became aware of the state of the girl, they forced her to take mixture of pap and palm oil.”

According to the report by the hospital, Dr.Sagbe said the deceased had two episodes of generalized tonic colonic seizures, each lasting about five minutes incontinence,”but there was no prior history of fever or neck stiffness.

Seizures were said to have occurred spontaneously in the morning of the same day and shortly after she was given a concoction of bitter leaf juice and local gin for stomach pains.”

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