Unleashing the secrets of success

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By Japhet Alakam

Ideas, they say rule the world and the only difference between an achiever and a non achiever is the ability of one to think out of the box and apply it effectively to achieve results.  Every individual has the potentials to make it on earth, but many people for one reason or the order have died with their potentials. How can one make it and what are the steps to take in order to make it. This is what the young tranformational writer and speaker, Babs, highlights in his new book, entitled Transform Yourself: The Secrets for Unleashing and Maximising your Potentials.

Transform-Bk-coverTransform Yourself, the 201 pages book written by Babs Olugbemi can actually be described as a manual or a guide for those who want to change the story of their life from nothing to greatness. For everything in life, there is always rules that govern it and those who became successful earned it by observing and operating by the rules. That is why the author who started from nowhere and now is a celebrity has decided to use his experience to impact meaningful knowledge to many who wants to transform their lives in a positive way.

According to the author,: “My intention is to reveal the phases and some secrets that transform people in life. ”

Subject of mentoring

Babs Olugbemi is an authority on the subject of mentoring. A teacher, coach and sociologist who understands what it takes to change the life of any who sticks to his teaching in this well researched guide invests his creative energy in providing the necessary tips required to attaining greatness.

In the 12 chapters book  divided into three parts, and laced with amazing testimonies of those who came from nowhere and become successful entrepreneurs, the author nurses you to rediscover yourself and potentials. What is a dream? What about passion? What is the importance of attitude to achieving one’s purpose? What differences do personal discipline, and determination makes to one’s progress? What about taking responsibility for one’s life through training and retraining? This and others is what the book highlights in three parts the stages you need to pass through to get all you want out of life and be fulfilled.

The first part tagged responsibility, where the author in the five chapters that made up this part takes the reader to wake up and take responsibility for their lives. You do not have to blame anyone for your woes, icons we celebrate today were once ordinary men, but they took responsibility of their lives and worked themselves out of obscurity.

In the three chapters that make up the second part tagged change, Babs focuses his writer’s lens on some of the change processes, the need to get out of the comfort zone and the beatitudes of transformation. Our lives can only be what we want it to be if we embrace change. There is need for one to adopt his personal philosophies and get out from the so called place we regard as comfort zone and follow the steps and apply same effectively to get the desired change.

Finally, the last part, termed possibility, the author posits that after taking responsibility, there is need for the reader to change. Describing change as taking action by doing things differently to get different results.

With a foreword by Gbenga Adefaye who described the author as a young man who has literally pulled himself by the strap “ reading through the book, the nuggets of wisdom, service,excellence and the illustration with personal example of fortitude, aspiration, inspiration and you come to accept the more the wisdom of the sage, that life’s battle does not go to the strong. But the man who wins, is he who thinks that he can.”

Written in very simple English with good text for easy understanding, Transform Yourself simplifies how taking Responsibility, Changing and seeing the Possibilities of a better tomorrow influence your life positively and make you a generational blessing. I recommend it to all.

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