Why I am still single — Moyo Lawal

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Some have said there are several personalities to the person called Moyo Lawal, a curvaceous actress who is well known as the character ‘Chinny’ in the Mnet soap opera ‘Tinsel’. She’s an effervescent type, who could  blow either old or cold, depending on the tide her temperament is riding.

As a liberated woman, nobody really sees Moyo as the wife material type but the ‘Cloud of Pain’ and ‘Big Gals on Campus’, girl reveals recently, that there is every woman beneath that her façade of big tough girl when she said she would really have loved to have been married except that she hasn’t seen anything like the right man on the horizon

“I am one of those people who will never do something until it’s perfect or just right. I guess that explains why am still single. If you make the wrong choice  you end up with your worst nightmare”, she said.


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