Sen Okonkwo urges Igbo to support Ohanaeze’s position on confab

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As  the national conference becomes a reality amidst high hopes, expectations and skepticisms, a front line Igbo nationalist campaigner for equality, equity and fair access to national resources and opportunities, Sen Annie Okonkwo has urged Igbos to support Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s position on the confab.

Sen. Okonkwo, who is the president of Committee 21, an Igbo socio-political group, drew from experiential insights and historical reflections to assert that ‘any opportunity for a national jaw jaw of this dimension is better than war war.

He maintained that the potency to correct structural and social injustices was best served through dialogue than the violence of warfare, adding that people must appreciate that its better late than never.
The senator in a statement by his Media Adviser, Mr Collins Ugwu, said: “Its on this premise he stated, that I call on Ndigbo of all persuasions to strategically stand behind Ohanaeze Ndigbo as our delegates go to the conference to canvass our position and interests, because the Igbos must make a statement that on this very issue of national dialogue, we are one, since the consequences of our collective deprivations as a people is neither discriminatory nor selective.”

“It will be a lamentable self inflicted disaster, difficult to forgive, much less forget if the policies and protocols of governance that will shape the future of this country is negotiated without the best of our deepest inputs from our cerebral fountain of knowledge, wisdom and prized attributes”.
Sen. Okonkwo, however, that sacrifices and concessions might be necessary here and there, but only on the platform of transparent beneficial concensus.


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