‘PDP does not recognise needs of common man’

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DUTSE – Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Jigawa state, Alhaji Ishaq Hadejia has said that the public need to understand that PDP is a party that does not recognise the needs of common man, describing it as capitalists party.

Speaking while addressing Newsmen on the recent demolishing exercise going on in Dutse metropolitan, Ishaq Hadejia said the current demolition of over one thousand structures mostly belong to the less privilege peoples living in the state capital by Lamido’s government is totally wrong and unfair which can also led to the massive unemployment and aggravating poverty situation in the state.

His words:- PDP is a part that doesn’t care for the welfare of its citizens, as it only show concern when it require there votes, after accomplishing the task the party and the elected leaders will abandoned them in disarray”.

Ishaq called on Jigawa state government to hurriedly find solution to the affected petty traders so as to enable them start a new life but contrary to this call the government will throw the teeming traders into untold hardship.

He also charged people of the state to do everything possible to vote out PDP at all level in the forthcoming general elections, saying APC is the solution to the present political predicament the entire masses (Nigeria) has been thrown into by PDP led government at both federal, state and local governments level.

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