Northern elders urge delegates to walk out of conference if…

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By AbdulSalam Muhammad
KANO – The Northern Elders Forum has directed Northern delegate to the forthcoming national conference to stage a walk out at any point it becomes clear that the confab would be used to injure the interest of Nigeria.

A communiqué issued by the pan Arewa Group Tuesday in Kano at the end of a two day marathon conference in Kano further warned its delegates to resist voting on any issue in the light of possibilities that majorities are likely to be contrived from skewed composition of pronounced partisan interest.

The Communiqué that was adopted by the Leaders and was read by a popular Nigerian Newspaper Columnist, Dr Baba Hakeem Ahmed noted that the composition of the delegates to the Conference represent a serious indictment of the Jonathan led administration plan to organize a conference that would address the complex problems of the nation.

The communiqué stated that “a conference built on a foundation of injustice and contempt for all known values should assure all citizens that it is not design to weaken them would not produce any conclusion that are useful”.

The Northern Elders Forum however noted that “many of the delegates are honourable and patriotic Nigerians who would not lend themselves to a scheme designed to compound our problems as a nation”.

The Northern Leaders further cautioned that “most of the delegates share concerns of other Nigerians that the absence of fairness in representation and the possibility that the conference could be used for the achievement of narrow, damaging interest is not one which should be supported by the presence of many notable, credible and distinguished Nigerians”.

The Elders Forum also directed “northern delegates to demand the obvious imbalance in representation between geo-political zones, religious and other interest be redressed before the conference commences any business”.

On 2015, the Forum called on politician to develop the highest levels of tolerance and willingness to respect the will of the Nigerian people, adding that “the forthcoming General election would severely challenge the electoral process given the high stake that include the possibility that the President Jonathan would be a candidate”.

The Communiqué faulted what it described as “the seeming inability of the federal Government, either through act of omission or commission, to protect the lives and property of citizens”, adding that “the shocking level of audacity with which the Boko Haram insurgents attack and kill people, destroy towns and villages and commit unspeakable atrocities calls to question the existence of any political will to fight it”.

The Elders Forum resolved to establish a Relief Fund to assist the victims of the crises in the North, particularly Borno, Yobe , Adamawa, Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue state.

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