I never dated Mikel Obi – Cossy Orjiakor

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood diva, Cossy Orjiakor, is no stranger to controversies. In fact, the life of the boobs-flaunting actress and singer has been an open book people continue to read with varying interpretations. At work or play; there’s always something about Commotion Cossy to elicit reactions which, oftentimes, are negative.

True, no married woman would want the busty artiste within a glancing distance of their husbands, even though the husbands wouldn’t mind sticking their necks out to avail themselves of the rather luscious bounty Cossy offers.

*Cossy repentant


The actress has been linked with various romantic relations, without anyone really coming out to say who and who has seen beyond the mammary extravaganza with which Cossy entrances her hapless male audience. And Cossy has told anyone who cared to listen that she has never been had in the showbiz world.

But that has not stopped another viral tale being set adrift by a soft sell magazine recently, that the singer has the hots for Chelsea ace, Mikel Obi. “I still want Mikel Obi”,  the headline screams.

But Cossy in a phone chat with Yours Truly, declared that she has never met or dated the footballer. “ I don’t know why journalists cook up all sorts of stories just to sell their papers. The journalist who reported the story came to me and asked me, if I know Nigerian footballers playing in Europe and I mentioned names I know, including that of Mikel Obi. How that translates to my dating him or wanting me, is what I don’t understand. I have never even met the guy before in my life” she told me.

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