Dance in the palace – a Poem

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By Prisca Sam Duru

The fathers daily eat sour grape
and the sons’ teeth are set on edge
Oh! Mama Africa
innocent and fertile,
defiled by rapacious children
As mothers join
in the dance of shame,
the rotating wheel of destiny
continues in circle of life.
so her heap rotates
in endless swing of shame

Time of reckoning
now a mirage
heap swing swings
uncommitted committee
of shame to eternal sleep.
Like the lullaby that lures to rest.
They probe endlessly
squandering funds
revealing no culprit.
dance of shame eternal
Insatiable dogs munch
Impoverished crumbs
From national cake
Hoping their loot
be compressed
to fit into six feet.

Oh! Mama Africa
deflowered by rapacious children
who shall cover her nakedness?
Who shall be her redeemer?
She is jeered at.
repulsed and treated as trash
by dots on world map.
Drum beats of corruption beat,
so inviting, so intoxicating
Respectable men of no integrity
lulled to eternal shame
they rest in imperfect peace

dum dum of drums
more infectious for our mouth piece
he beheld mama’s erotic hip swing.
Once public activists,
offered spot on dance arena
fell asleep, awaiting other gluttons
to join in throes of Hades
Oh! what a dance of shame
in the fatherland!

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