CBN fire raises suspicions on social media

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Increasingly, Nigerians are becoming so doubtful of their leaders in virtually all spheres of life (religious, corporate, political and Et cetera). This disbelief has gone so bad that people no longer trust a natural mishap as ordinary as it should meet the five human sense organs.


To them any occurrence is now a set-up put in place to patch openings revealing some skeletons arranged in their leaders cupboard.

A clear cut example is the fire outbreak which started few hours ago at the Lagos State Office, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Read some of the reactions trailing the trending CBN fire incidence on social media…

On Vanguard Facebook, a social commentator by the name Ndam Nander Esmeralda writes: “hmmmmm so they are burning evidence to cover fraud”

Another commentator with the identity, Akinsuyi Temidayo Spiro asks if it is an accidental fire or sabotage to destroy evidence.”

In the same vein Showpaddy Muhammed Sumaila stated: “If they like let it be hell fire we don’t care. Our $20bn is still missing and we want it. Document can be burnt but they can never burn the truth. kudos Sanusi!

Accordingly, two commentators’ obinna ‏@obiBona  and @sojay5 who reacted on Twitter respectively said “Hehehe! “Wetin dem wan hide now?” And the other reads, “Burning evidence already!!! RT”

Lastly, one commentator with identity truthhardtoswallow expressed his thought on Vanguard website, he said “All of a sudden the CBN building is on fire?How ironic and coincidental! What? With the CBN caretaker (Sanusi) removed, and allegations of billions of naira ‘missing’, is it not the right time to burn the ‘evidence’ down? How convenient.

Remember that this is a common occurrence when high level investigation is being carried out against the government in Nigeria for over two decades.”





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