I can date my colleague but can’t marry him — Lola Magret

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Lola Magret has said she found herself in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood because she didn’t know who could introduce her into the English sector. She has Bolaji Amusa aka ‘Mr Latin’; to thank for her first shot at glory in the make-believe business.

Once, there was a rumour that the beautiful actress was dating a politician, to which she reacted vehemently that she could never date a politician. And only recently she confessed to me  that she cannot also marry somebody from the industry.

“ I can’t marry somebody from the industry because the  marriage doesn’t last. There is always lack of trust and understanding. Though, there’s nothing bad about dating each other,” she said

But I questioned her, why she would date somebody she doesn’t intend to marry. “It’s not every relationship that leads to marriage, we are into relationships only to find out  who may end up as the real one. Anyway, I have a boyfriend. He is the man in my life. I mustn’t tell you his name. He is okay with my profession. I am not dating an actor. My fiancée understands me and he understands my job. I love him and we intend to get married. He is a loving and caring guy. He is God-fearing. I love him so much and that was why I chose him”.


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