How to do business with SAP ERP human capital management solutions

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Technology; a simple 10 letter word that has changed and transformed the way we think, act and the speed at which business results are achieved. Just a few years back, you had to print your CV, write an application letter and travel to the nearest post office to submit your employment application.

Fast forward, enter SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution.  The software solution provides integrated tools such as learning management, performance appraisal and succession planning to help HR professionals’ reward, retain and promote current employees.

This integrated solution enables organisations to make more informed decisions about the status of their talent pool, forecast future skill needs and proactivity recruit new talent into the workforce. Now you just apply for a job on the company’s Web portal or via social media channels which are linked to the career site of an organisation. This is particularly important for the Nigerian market, where travelling long distances and waiting months before receiving an employment acceptance letter is a big challenge.

The dynamics of the Human Resources industry in Nigeria is rapidly changing and is faced with a shortage of talent, as well as other challenges including globalisation and striving to achieve more with less. The expectations on the HR community are becoming more demanding. More than ever before the employee life cycle needs to become a closed loop – from hire to retire, hire to fire or hire to resign.

SAP Human Capital Management is an integrated solution that gives end-to-end real-time visibility of the HR function. The SAP Human Resources solution offers a complete and integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your people. The solution helps you hire, develop, reward and retain talent. At the same time, you can automate your core HR processes to increase efficiency in your HR department, reduce HR costs, enable accessibility via mobile devices and support compliance.

SAP Human Capital Management helps improve productivity, make faster and better decisions, save time and money in order to invest more resources into innovation. A single system of record  for global and local HR and payroll processes with real-time integration to financials that can effectively support organisational growth and employee engagement and provide greater control over a company’s labour costs.

For organisations that outsource their HR processes or run an internal shared service centre, the solution supports models in ways that reduce risk and cost. When a new employee joins your company, the employee data is seamlessly integrated across all business areas taking into cognisance local labour laws, tax laws, local benefits and mandatory employee contributions across single or multi-country operations.

SAP HCM Strategic Framework

SAP’s high impact strategies are based on developing a high performing organisation and aligning an organisation’s workforce with business needs delivered to HR professionals via innovative building blocks of speed and agility, insight and analysis, usability and convenience as well as core process orchestration.

With SAP HCM, you can improve your organisation’s career, succession and compensation plan resulting in a reduction in employee turnover. Adopting self-service for both employees and their managers increases cost savings, frees the HR team from tactical jobs such as leave request thus helping the team focus on high value strategic activities.

From planning for new employees to recruiting them, training, managing and retaining them whether via mobile, on-premise or cloud, SAP is with you all the way.

Akinyoyenu Oluseyi, is the Head, Line of Business, SAP West Africa

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