Taraba: Umar plans to arrest  Suntai —Ex-Commissioners

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A group of ex-Commissioners from Taraba State  have  raised the alarm over the alleged plot by the Acting Governor,  Alhaji Garba Umar, to arrest ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai.
The alarm was raised  in Abuja by  Mr Rebo Usman on behalf former Commissioners of  Suntai while speaking on the political crisis which has gripped the state since their former principal  was involved in an air crash in 2012.

“ Umar plans to put  Suntai under house arrest in order to enable him achieve his goal of becoming the  governor of the state through illegal means”, Usman said.
The group  further alleged that as part of the plot, Umar  sacked five Commissioners who refused to cooperate with him in his bid to unseat Suntai through the production of a  medical report which would have declared the ailing state chief executive as incapacitated.

Umar was also accused of sponsoring the change which took place in the leadership of the state House of Assembly for the purpose of  “paving the way for a new leadership that would have helped him actualise his goal based on the  medical report”.
The group observed that Umar waged a propaganda war against Suntai using  the governor’s state of  health as his focal point.
The former Commissioners called on President Goodluck Jonathan to act fast and prevent the  situation in the state from degenerating into anarchy.


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