The sight of teenagers forced into pregnancy was horrendous – Police Commissioner

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Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Musa Katsina, speaks on the challenges of stemming crime in the state which became notorious for baby factories, child trafficking, kidnapping, among other vices.

In the case of Madam 1,000, what we saw could shatter the strongest of hearts. It was a case of man’s inhumanity to man! This type of inhumanity is special in the sense that the victims of the inhumanity are innocent babies, totally defenceless human beings. Their crime is simple: they happen to find themselves in a world or in the midst of gluttonous vultures, who understand nothing but quick money or wealth.

As we went beyond the beautiful place they called Madam 1,000 Amaefula Babies Home, we saw a dungeon! Children, teenagers forced into pregnancy were kept in captivity. They were rendered completely incommunicado. Their telephone handsets and other means of communication were taken away from them. They were kept in unventilated rooms, subjected to all manner of forced labour and perpetual servitude.



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