Reactions to: Time for Nigerians to ditch ethnic arithmetic, state of origin and federal character

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By Omoh Gabriel

Garden-’City Boy ‘ wrote: “Whoever posted this dumb comment must either be incurably disillusioned or be looking in from an observatory on some strange galaxy. He goes about it like another ‘awusa liar.’ “Nigerians will not be interested where the president or governor comes from” believing he may be taken seriously.

Sorry, we care where the president comes from, no pretenses. Awusa people and their inveterate absolutism made it so, and so it remains until the country is restructured into a nation of truly federated zones or states.


The fellow compounds his lies and drab foolery with claptrap: “in the late 70s, General Murtala Mohammed came on the Nigerian political scene, he created an unusual sensation”. I would also think that Mohammed indeed created ‘unusual sensation’ as “His words were laden with ‘immediate effect’ he recited over and over with the repetitiveness of a parrot and the mannerism of a hen pecking corn – mannerism that attracted public ridicule.

Murtala Mohammed was not even sure if he was Rufai or Ramat. For quite some while during his intrusive involvement in “Nigeria’s politics”, the public was at a loss as to which deadly Mohammed it was really to deal with -Ramat or Rufai. In that confused state of mind, the man’s myopic vision was “what he thought Nigeria should be that it was not consumed with the passion of a united Nigeria.” And guess what? One of Mohammed’s toxic legacies is the deadly, intractable sectarian turmoil that ravages the land today.

The writer paints a lunatic in the picture of an architect of a “Nigeria that is free from the encumbrance of North-South dichotomy who wanted to see a Nigeria where there was justice and fair play to all, no matter where they come from.” They can tell that to spring chickens. For the authentic Murtala Mohammed we all know masterminded the July 1966 coup – the world’s bloodiest.

He and his accomplices murdered over 300 fellow officers of Southern extraction, mainly Igbo officers, including Gen. Ironsi and Col. Adekunle Fajuyi in what they characterise as a “REVENGE COUP.” It is on record that top on his “vision” at the time was to have the North secede from Nigeria as “the basis for unity did not exist.” That motive was made clear in Yakubu Gowon’s first broadcast after their insane coup.

Not only did Mohammed’s cup get full, it spilled over. His aim was to visit personal vendetta on Maj. Nzeogwu’s kinsmen.”

Dr George Inyang  wrote: and said “You are advocating confusion in Nigeria. For your education, the main problems of Nigeria are corruption, lack of punishment for corruption and poor leadership.

The national conference must endorse ethnic ID, state of origin, federal character and six zones because Nigeria is a diverse country. Zoning is wrong because it encourages mediocrity. Qualifications for leadership should be good education and competence not by any means or by buying votes or rigging ok.”


Ehizelé Osazuwa  who resides in Paris, France  wrote: “Corruption in China of high magnitude”? Where have you been, to the Pluto? You have this naive approach to the institutionalised corruption that is so visible as a garment even to the infants to experiment as though a sine qua non to the success in life.

Is it not logical that corruption of any level, much less of “high magnitude” could not bring any development to a country? As a mater of fact, it’s due to China’s intolerance toward any corrupt individual or corporation that makes China the fastest developing nation on earth.

Where were you of recent when a government official in China was arrested and jailed for long time for having a Rolex watch on that drew the attention of the anti-corruption body to thoroughly scrutinize him?

You sound like your Father is one of those looting Nigeria’s money that you shy away to talk about corruption but rather complaining about lack of unity that is less or secondary in priority if things must be put right in Nigeria. However, I am not saying that your rather tagged rhetoric has no element of traits responsible for all the problems facing Nigeria but I guess you should have linked it to the virus itself — corruption.

See, the level of academic, social and political development in Nigeria are dissipating so fast as you all are witnesses due to the culture of corruption and impunity that those outside the border gaze in shock and question if Nigeria is worth being called a country any longer. Corruption has become a dogma to Nigerian politicians as it’s to the man on the street — it’s so accepted and practiced that any that questions the system would be considered a fool.

Obiora Uzo  · Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka  wrote: “My question is why will this Nigeria be one and what happened when we have many countries from this Nigeria? Smaller countries succeeded better as big ones”.

Jossy Jossy   of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu in response to the article said: “Nigerian politicians are the major problem our country is facing today. This is the right time to teach them a lesson. APC should go to hell.”

Efeturi Ojakaminor  on his part said: “I agree with you. First, let us begin to see ourselves as Nigerians.”

Chukwuka Okoroafor  said: “This certainly is a dream, but the way our elite play us off against each other should also be addressed via corruption, riots, etc.

GEO: “These zones were artificially created along political leanings…” Divide up Nigeria along its NATURAL language lines. There is no strength in numbers in the Nigerian situation. China works because she has a common natural language that is dominant. It also has a national natural religion that is also dominant. Most Chinese citizens ascribe to the same common ideals.

UnapologeticallyYoruba said: “I am very pragmatic. This would be an utopia, a Nigeria of our dreams. Unfortunately, the political class has sold us dummies and divided us horribly. Maybe when we return to regionalism and have each matured to the state where we can all reason along those lines, then we can give it a shot. For now, the NC will resolve all the other issues you have raised!

Esaulogbon said: “Nigeria is not ripe for that. Ethnicism still reigns supreme, and some believe they own others or they develop others. Until this mentality of ‘we are better than others’ is removed, what you are proposing will be an invitation for disasters.”

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