The last warning to evil doers

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The Bible made it clear that in the last days, perilous time will come…., a look at events in and around the globe confirms the fulfillment of that prophecy as people are swimming in the ocean of evil without fear of the wrath of God. Worse still, many of them are not aware of the consequences because the very people who are supposed to tell them, the so-called men of God, especially Nigerian pastors have abandoned the kingdom message and turned their searchlight on prosperity messages.

But in the midst of that, there seems to be some who through their messages still speak the true kingdom message no matter who is involved and one of such persons is Evangelist Gabriel Mete, who came out with a new book that tries to tell whoever that cares that evil doers will end in hell fire. The book is entitled The Devil That Cannot Use You Cannot Useless You.

Mete is one of those who are not ignorant of the second coming of Jesus, despite the fact that over 75 percent of churches in Nigeria concentrate their biblical messages on prosperity without considering hell or heaven, hence the book. The coming of the book is timely as it can be seen as his own little way of calling them to order, especially those that are still involved in one crime or the other to stop it before they will be stopped.

The 106 pages book published by The Humanitarians’ Evangelistic Outreach, Delta State, is a clear departure from most of the things you hear from men of God these days. It is a general overview of the ills in the society which many attribute to the devil, like robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, homosexuals, smoking/alcoholism, 419, etc. written in a language that many will understand.

From the language used and the topics discussed, the book can be seen as a compilation of the series of sermons delivered by the author at different time. This can be seen as a concerted effort of the author  to reach a wider audience apart from his followers.

Segmented into 12 chapters, each chapter address one topical issue or the other. Some of the topics covered in the book includes: Its a matter of time;The last fuck;  The demon that cannot push you cannot punish you; The original you; A good sinner in hell; Weakness for wickedness; Master bid me come and others.  In all the topics, quoting copiously from the Holy Bible, the author used the practical things that are happening in this earth to buttress his point on the need for sinners to come out of their sin and embrace Christ.

For example in chapter four, tagged The Original You, the author takes the reader to the beginning, reminding them of whom they are, that in the beginning it was not so, God created man and saw everything He created us good so if man can go back to his original creation, it will be well with him.

As an evangelist, the author has succeeded in using the book to send a message across to many, but one thing that is lacking in the book is editorial touch. The first issue is the title of the book, the title is more than a sentence and is not reader friendly. There is need to choose a title that can attract readers. Another  issue is the fact that pulpit message is different from that of a published work, so I advice the author to look for a good publisher that has all that it takes to make something good out of it so that the second edition of the book will not lack the required ingredients like this edition.

However, despite some avoidable errors, the book is good for all who want to make heaven, especially those who are still romancing with the devil.


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