God’ll choose my successor—Amaechi

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Rivers State governor and Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has said that he was not in any position to know who becomes his successor, as only God knows.
He said he will personally pray for God to make His choice on who becomes the next governor of the state.
He spoke at St. Barth’s Anglican Church, Bera Deanery, during Senator Magnus Abe’s thanksgiving service in Gokana Local Government Area of the state,  weekend.

Senator Abe had organised the thanksgiving service to thank God for his survival in the attack on him by the police at a Save Rivers Movement rally in Rumuola, Port Harcourt.
Amaechi said the next governor would be somebody of reliable character, who would continue after him in transformation of the state.

He said: “You must prepare for the next election, so that you will teach them a lesson and the only way to teach them a lesson is first to pray to God, after praying, go and register, if you don’t have a voter’s card.  If you have a voter’s card, wait for the election and vote against Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
“I have not started praying for who will take over from me.  When I start, you will know.  The prayer for now is God, we want you to deliver All Progressives Congress, APC.  God, we want you to lead us to build a party called APC.

“The moment we are convinced that we are finished with that, I will put my knees again on the ground, and I will tell my wife and I will tell my pastors. Usually, when we go to God, we don’t go with a name. If you go with a name, you are not asking God to make a decision, you are telling God I have made my decision. God, please make this decision for me, so that we don’t meet failure in the course of the struggle and once God chooses whoever will be governor, I believe that all of us will work together to support the person because all these things we have done so far, if we don’t get the right person in, they would collapse. They will spend four years stealing money before they remember that you exist because we know them.  We have documents, they have served under us.”

On Abe’s condition before he was flown abroad for treatment, Governor Amaechi said: “I was the first to tell him to travel because of his condition.”
Governor Amaechi described senators and members of the House of Representatives, who came for Senator Abe’s thanksgiving service as loyal friends of the senator.

“I thank the senators and members of the House of Representatives and I thank those of you who have come. It shows friendship, it shows loyalty to friendship and I believe that being loyal to friendship means that that person will pay you back when it is your turn.”


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