Does Cynthia Agholor really prefer White men to Blacks?

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Vivacious Cynthia Agholor has been in Nollywood since 1996, keeping her head low, seemingly to avoid the blaring light of attention that comes with fame. But fame isn’t a lenient suitor, at least it doesn’t take prisoners and this is a hard fact that has come to stare the curvaceous actress in the face.

Soft-spoken, cultured and well-mannered Cynthia has had to grapple with more controversies than she rightly deserved. There was a story that ran her aground that she fought unclad with Cossy Orijiakor, her one-time room-mate, over some flimsy issues in public. As if that was not enough to make light of the actress’ respectable career, another one claimed that she dumped a Ghanaian producer, Elvis Lamptey for one Udofia Ugoo, an international movie producer.

But  in a recent chat with Yours Truly, Cynthia disclaimed all the reports, saying they were not only false but that she never had any idea of such stories. She claims she doesn’t know any Elvis or any Udofia that goes with a surname ‘Ugoo’.
In fact she laughed it off and told me she has told all  her friends not to believe whatever is being written about her except when she gives an interview.

She did give one recently and that started another round of trouble for the actress. The usually quiet artiste was shocked when she was quoted out of context that she prefers White men to Nigerian men, when what she meant in the interview was that she prefers the White men’s honesty to the Nigerian men trickery in relationships. In fact she asserted in the interview that Nigerian men make better lover s than White men.

Cynthia who starred in a new movie ‘Gina and the Fish’ yet to hit the cinemas, once dated a White man and that has since been an issue that continues to  haunt her career.

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