Career challenges made easy

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One of the greatest  problem facing the world today, especially Nigeria is unemployment. It has so degenerated to the level that graduates from many higher institutions with good grades are doing menial works for survival. Apart from that, some of the few working can be said to be underemployed, no thanks to the Shylock attitude of some of the employers who treat them any how.

Worse still, the various tertiary institutions are bringing out graduates every year, in such a competitive world, what becomes the fate of such graduates, how will they survive, what is that thing that will make the difference, these questions and others are what this book Career Guide to Success written by Ima-Mariam Nike Agunbiade is all all about.

Experience they say is the best teacher and it is on that basis that, the teacher, author, counsellor and someone who can be described as a woman of many parts, having tried her hands in many careers before settling for her true job using her wealth of experience came out with this book that highlights the various steps one will take in order to have a successful life.

As the title goes, Career Guide to Success; for SS3 & A level students, Undergraduates, Graduates, Career Seekers and Employees,  the 77 page beautifully designed book published by Henriz Designs is a complete guide to any one who wants to succeed in life.

It opens with the key to a successful career which is taking into cognizance ones area of interest and ability. Many people fail not because they are not intelligent but because they find themselves in the wrong career, so to succeed one have to go for a career which he likes and has the ability to do.

After identifying your interest and ability, you look for a good mentor, whom you can look up to or even run to and do a research of your prospective career to ensure that there is a gap you can fill in the market.
The author talks about how you can plan to make a first class or its equivalent, develop a Unique Selling Proposition, USP, develop an unshakeable self confidence through identifying your passion, developing it and being positively challenged to achieve it.

The author looks at the various aspects of planning for a career, identifying a good job, planning your entry and exit in a job, planning a successful business, balancing work and family, especially for women trying to balance profession with family life, identifying your passion/desire for self actualization, becoming successful and wealthy and keeping a level head.

The book finally looks at the topic, what is your excuse for failure and states that there is no excuse for failure and advice that for one to make it , he/she must humble, avoid pride and arrogance.

Career Guide to Success is another contribution by the author to the challenges of career building. Brilliantly crafted and enacted with an ironic poise, the author in a simple and easy to read language takes the reader to all that is required to be successful in life. The best thing one can to do is to read it, it is an invaluable manual. I recommend it to all, especially the youths who are on the verge of taking up careers in life.


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