Adokiye Khiran says she’s “Miss Valentine’s”

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By Ayo Onikoyi

Rising music star and  Imo StateYouth ambassador  Adokiye Kyrian must have multiple personalities embodied in her person. She is just a live one too complicated to understand. She recently said her mum would kill her if she gets a tattoo, she’s Catholic, you know, but  that fact didn’t seemed to play any part when the diva took a half-naked photo shoot, reportedly, for 200,000 pounds.

Now at St. Valentine’s Day Adokiye came to the surface again with another personality yet unknown about her. She took Yours Truly through the history and the very essence of what St. Valentine’s Day is all about, saying St. Valentine’s Day is “ Liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian Saints named Valentinus… known for bringing people together… for the sake of Love” she says.

“ I don’t really believe that Valentine’s day is only about going to exotic places with lovers, buying expensive gifts or what have you. Valentine’s Day should be about spending time with people who can’t afford to make themselves happy too and going to church to share the Agape love with fellow Christian members and family.

Most of my Valentine’s Days are spent in the church because I always want to be refreshed about the Saint’s good works and all. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say I’m not romantic,  In fact did I mention? I was nicknamed St. Valentine in school, because I was into bringing people together including married couples who had issues in their homes

I just want to state that the idea of girlfriends expecting expensive gifts from their boyfriends is  completely anathema to me” she says.

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