2015: Nigerians will reject ‘Angry Peoples Congress’at the polls-— Senator Adokwe

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Senator Suleiman Adokwe representing Nasarawa South speaks on the defection of some  members of the Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP) to the  opposition All Progressive Congress (APC). He also speaks  on the chances of the PDP not only at the presidential election  in 2015 but also in other  elections.

Hear Him:

Usually, when we approach the election year, we have all this heating up of the polity. It is a recurrent decimal in the political activities of the country but this one is a bit unusual because of the  stress that is being put on the polity by the various movements  and the repositioning of the various political parties preparatory to the 2015 elections.

Some of the things that have become issues really ought not to be issues but the struggle for power has become more intensely, uncivilised  if you add  the  issue  like somebody should  run or not run for the  presidency,  or the leadership must go to another region as if we do not have a  Constitution in  place to guide everybody. There are rules and regulations on how to seek power in the country and for a foreclosure to be made that this man cannot run,  power must shift from this place or else heaven will fall,  we have never  witnessed this kind of undue pressure on the polity.

Some of the languages that we hear these days are so  frightful, they are virtually an invitation to anarchy. This is what makes it a little bit different from what has been happening in the past, but we believe  those  are the usual preparations for elections and that we should allow ourselves to get to the elections proper.

The language of  the APC is not  democratic; the  language  is an invitation to anarchy, to chaos. In the National Assembly, debates take place,  vested interests are protected in the course of  debates. Bills get thrown out, bills get supported and this happens  every day;  even PDP legislators can find out something in the budget that they wouldn’t want  to sail through, but you don’t set out right from day one to say that no matter how good or bad  that bill is, make sure it is thrown out.


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