Things will improve with tangible evidence, says Okonkwo

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THE presiding bishop of TREM,  Dr. Mike Okonkwo has called on every Nigerian not to lose hope, but rather to continue to pray for the country especially now when there is so much hopelessness around the world.
He explained that the call for prayers of hope became necessary as it is the primary condition that God will use in answering our collective prayers for the nation and that there were performance indicators that in the new year things will improve with tangible developments.

According to Bishop Okonkwo; “we cannot afford to lose hope in this nation now because there is no doubt that God has kept us together as a people for a definite purpose.”
He urged all Nigerians to always go to God in prayers and not to lose hope, stressing that the worst thing that can happen to any people or nation is not to have hope.
He further stressed that, “if you lose hope, then there is no point living at all, but since there is hope and much more that you can run to God, then, it is best we seek refuge in God and be sure of a tomorrow”.

Okonkwo, who described 2014 as “a year of greater glory” also called on all Nigerians to be filled with expectation knowing that God will visit us in an unusual way because there is no doubt that the hand of God is upon this nation. Therefore no matter the challenges we have gone through in the past years, in 2014 we would rise up again to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives”.
He also urged every Nigerian to see themselves as an agent of change, explaining that as we all begin to do things right in our various areas of callings and endeavours, it will have a snow balling effect on the entire nation.

Okonkwo appealed to members of the state and National Assemblies and all those in positions of authority to ensure that in 2014, they do not pass laws that will further add to the suffering of the generality of Nigerians but rather laws that would better the lot of every Nigerian.

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