SERAP tasks Jonathan on ways to curb corruption

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Following  President Goodluck Jonathan’s  New Year broadcast that he would fight corruption more seriously in 2014, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, has urged him to “implement a five-point programme against corruption, if he was truly committed to fighting the problem to a standstill.”

SERAP noted that “promises alone can’t end corruption and impunity of perpetrators. Taking these simple actions will immediately send a clear message that as far as the fight against corruption is concerned, it won’t be business as usual in 2014.”

SERAP, in a statement, yesterday, by its Executive Director, Mr Adetokunbo Mumuni, said  “the level of corruption in the country today demands serious political will to combat and not rhetorical statements.  We recall that similar promises had been made by this government since its inception. Yet, corruption continues daily and most worryingly, suspected perpetrators enjoy almost absolute impunity.

“In order to end this never-ending cycle of broken promises, SERAP is recommending to the government an easy to implement five-point programme against corruption for urgent action. We believe that the effective implementation of these measures will prove if the government is genuinely serious about fighting corruption.  Firstly, the president should demonstrate his total rejection of corruption by publicly declaring his assets and instructing all members of his government to do the same.

“This is the best way the President is ever going to earn the trust of millions of Nigerians yarning for good governance, development and the rule of law. Secondly, President Jonathan should urgently refer unresolved cases of corruption including in the aviation, oil subsidy scandal, alleged mismanagement of trillions of Naira by the Security and Exchange Commission,  NSE, missing N300 billion in the Petroleum Ministry since 2011; and others, to the anticorruption agencies clearly requesting prosecution of indicted officials. In the meantime, any such officials such as the Aviation Minister should be immediately suspended from their official duties pending the final determination of their cases.”


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