NFF slams door on Eagles’ wives in Brazil

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The Nigeria Football Federation has emphatically ruled out Wives and Girlfriends, WAGs, of Super Eagles from being part of the Brazil World Cup for the team. Chairman Technical Committee of NFF, Barrister Chris Green, Chairman Media Committee of NFF, High Chief Emeka Inyamah were unanimous in banging the door against the WAGs in Eagles participation in the World Cup.

“Their presence in the team will be a distraction. It’s not possible. No. They’ll not be allowed near the team in the World Cup”, Barrister Chris Green shot back to the question on whether the WAGs would be allowed when the Eagles battle Argentina, Iran and Bosnia Hezegovina in Brazil.

“This is the only opportunity Nigerians derive joy from the Eagles. We should not toy with it and distract them with the presence of their wives and girlfriends. Its a sacrifice the players will make for the nation’, Green emphasised.

Chief Inyamah added that the Eagles should learn from past experiences when Clemence Westerhof allowed WAGs in their debut in USA ’94. “We paid dearly for it and cannot allow a repeat in Brazil”, Inyamah said. Barrister Green added that not allowing WAGs was part of the Code of conduct which they introduced to the Eagles. “The C Of C is not punitive. It is a handbook of dos and don’ts. It is not new.”

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