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For many that crossed  over to the year 2014, one thing that is on their mind is how to be among those that will be celebrated this year. That is the earnest expectations of many but according to Socrates, there is need to re examine our ways as an unexamined life is not worth living. For that to be actualised, there is need for one to look at certain steps one took in 2013 and how to put it in order in this year.

This is what was on the mind of Tayo Demola,  the Lagos State University graduate of law as he  brings his thoughts in his new book titled, Motivations for Success; a powerful inspirations for achieving success.
The new book which is already making waves in the country is one of the divinely inspired books that can change the fortunes of many this year. With a beautifully designed cover with the picture of the young Tayo, the 87 page book published by Global Archmark Ventures , Lagos introduces its readers to all that it takes to succeed in life.

Beginning with chapter one, titled powerful Motivations, the author highlights 55 motivational topics that are factual lessons about the life and what to do to come out victorious. Such issues includes; Greatest undoing, The risk of success, Never give up, Don’t trade your happiness, School of life and others. He argues that the greatest obstacle to success in life is not the lack of trial but the inability to overcome failure.

In chapter two, Tayo takes a look at why talent is not enough. He argues that it is one thing to be talented and another to make good use of it. He then highlights other vital ingredients like hard work,  an optimistic mindset, perseverance and courage as such ingredients that will the talent work.

For many who had backed out and those intending to do so , the author asks that not to back out, no matter the level of depression and frustration. Do not kill yourself, there are millions of people out there with similar experiences so keep on moving, one day it will change.
Another important point is goal setting, here the book examines the importance of goals and spells out seven ways of how to set goals and achieve success.

Tough times are not meant for specific set of people, many people especially the so called great men you see and hear about had at one time or the other experienced it. The only difference is how they managed it, he then mentions some of the ways people can deal with tough times in life.
For one to be successful, there are certain habits to be jettisoned. So the book looks at some of the dangerous habits that can stop one from achieving their dreams and recommends ways to come out of it.

In chapter seven which is the theme of the book motivation, the author tasks the reader to learn to motivate themselves at all times. Though there are certain difficult situations that will force one to back out, but the need to think about the bright side of life makes the difference. Recognising the fact that it is not easy to motivate oneself, hence the author goes on to present the necessary things to do in order to motivate yourself.
Why is it that some people fail while others succeed? This is a great question that many ask and are still asking. The answer is provided in the book as the author brings out eight good reasons why it is so.

The book also looks at some of the issues that rob many of their success. He identifies it as mistakes and highlights ten deadly mistakes people make that makes them fail in life. He did not end it there, he also proffers solutions on how one can avoid them.
In concluding in chapter ten tagged success keys. To succeed you must first believe that you can succeed. Those who have succeeded are not better than you, so you too can accomplish what they have accomplished, if you follow the seven vital keys he discussed.  They include; determination, hard work, visualise your destination, have passion for your work etc.

The journey through the course of life is full of challenges and uncertainties. The only way one can get to his/her desired destination in life is to follow the vital keys of success.
Well edited and written in very simple English for easy readership, the book is one of the gifts required for new year. I recommend to as many that wants to change their story this year.


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