Much ado about Daniella Okeke’s butt

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If there’s a nollywood hottie who can give Nicky Minaj a run for her money, that dame is Daniella Okeke.

daniella-okeke In fact, she would actually make the Puerto-Rican Minaj break out in a sweat, wondering if her butts have gone poof!

Toolz had everybody’s votes when it comes to curvy bouncing backside but that was before Daniella came to town.

However some people haven’t been comfortable with Daniella’s sprouting backside because she wasn’t looking like that a couples of years back. Even her pictures back then showed Daniella to be a girl who wouldn’t even catch anybody’s attention let alone having people gaping at her as she walks by.

Now, this has brought forth a question: did Daniella go under the knife for her backside? Things happen these days: you can buy practically everything in the market: new boobs, new butts, new eyes… Everything! At least Nicki Minaj bought her front and back.

If you saw Daniella at the première of ‘Lagos Cougar’ some weeks ago you would know her backside isn’t just something to see, you might have a lot on your mind long after you have seen her. Though arguments have come up that she put herself on therapy, dieting, exercise and all but having your backside sprouting out and looking lethal like that has more to it than meets the eye. Isn’t it?

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