The diminution of the Presidency

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By Sunny Ikhioya

LET us start by acknowledging,   the fact that; good and credible elections can only take place, under an atmosphere of peace. The way the opposition, APC is going about wresting power from Jonathan’s PDP, will only alienate them from the people and win sympathisers to the side of Jonathan. Because they want power, they are intent on desecrating the institution of the presidency, the symbol of the country’s unity and sovereignty.

The opposition must truly come together and state their mission and vision for the country and how they intend to see it through.

They should let us know, how a combination of strange bed fellows, like we have in APC, can successfully forge ahead to give the nation, the much desired leadership. Enough of the distractions, the polity is  overheated; street gangs have been co-opted and lives are lost on a daily basis, like we have seen in Kano and Rivers states.

If we disrespect Jonathan, the symbol of Nigeria as President of the country, we are demeaning, the institution of the presidency and this may cause chain reactions. He has been duly elected into office, the office of the president, as an institution, must be given all due respect.

It is very obvious that, there is a deliberate conspiracy by some elements, to disgrace Jonathan out of office. Maybe, because of his perceived meekness or the part of the country, he is from. The opposition, in the past few months, have been goading him with un becoming statements and comments, testing his resolve and expecting a predictable reaction, but he has disappointed them so far with his response. It is a shame. The question we should ask here is; were Jonathan to emerge from any of the big tribes, will such campaigns of calumny and treasonable actions be tolerated? Can’t we campaign and reach the people without inciting them to violence? Our opposition should go back and study Mandela’s politics, especially, the after jail period.
Jonathan is not the brightest and best candidate the south-south had to offer, in terms of competence, experience, focus and so on, he was propped up by a combination of several factors, one of which, was the agenda of Obasanjo, to rule this country by proxy.

What has happened in Jonathan’s government, in terms of the negatives, is not half of the heights of impunity, we experienced during Obasanjo’s government. Why, the campaign of calumny? The politicians must not mislead the people, as that will not be in the interest of the whole country. Politics must not be a do or die affair, except, the one is narcissistic and megomaniacal.

That Jonathan has an agreement to do one term, should not be a reason to hound him and disrupt the smooth flow of government.

Apart from the  pariah  regime of Abacha, no government has been sabotaged as much as that of Jonathan. Some have sworn to make the place un governable for Jonathan and have truly kept to their vows. It is like, the opposition wants him to fail at all cost, any measure aimed at bringing succour to the people, must be shot down.

Our politicians have travelled,  all over the world, as they are fond of quoting copiously, but they do not bring these knowledge to bear, practically, in Nigeria. If the opposition is criticising a policy, there should be alternative views. In civilised countries, after election, everybody comes  together, on how to move the nation forward. After the re-election of Obama, he reached out to Mitt Romney and all electioneering animosities, ended there.

How come, that, no single policy of Jonathan is good and he is receiving acclaims from abroad? Does it mean, that, Jonathan’s government has not done anything positive since he came to power? Even the power to abuse the president as you like – which is common these days – is a dividend of Jonathan’s democratic disposition.

Please, let us learn to play politics without bitterness. That was how, they played it in the politics of the 1960s, goaded by the press, everybody knew the outcome, of that kind of destructive politics. It started from the south west, with their propaganda machinery, the same is, now, repeating itself.

Unfortunately,most of them in the fore-front of the present negative politics,were very much alive then and some were active participants, in the politics of those days. We must exercise restraints.

The northerners appear to be aggrieved, If anyone is to be blamed for their present political plight, the blame should go to Obasanjo, as the master minder, planner and executioner – in the imposition of Yar’ Adua and Jonathan on the nation. They should not vent their spleen elsewhere.

It is a shame that leading northerners, are now – coat in tail – marching to and fro Obasanjo’s Abeokuta villa, hoping to find succour. It is a vainless mission – like they say in warri – ” who be fool” ( who is the fool ).
Our politicians must sit down and think. Do they want the nation to move forward? If yes, how do we do it? We must not engage in foul language and bring in tribal sentiments, everyone must agree that, we end the politics of negative god fatherism.

As for us in the south-south, the region is still disadvantaged in the present dispensation – look at the East-west road, Delta ports, the Ogoni’s plight, employment et al – they are still lagging behind, even the much trumpeted, militants rehabilitation, only favoured a few from the Ijaw stock. There are so many ethnic and tribal groups in the Niger-delta, not only the Ijaws.

So, I am not writing because Jonathan is Niger-deltan – we will support a credible alternative, if we see one – Whether he stays or leaves office, it makes no difference to us, but the truth must be told, if you are going to remove Jonathan from office, let it not be because of personal ambitions and regional interest. The sum of all, is greater than the individual states and regions. Anyone, aspiring to lead us must have this in mind.

We must focus on what we have to offer, not to plot sabotage and conspiracies – conspiracies that were evident in the G5 governors actions, Tambuwal’s dilly-dallying ( we forgot that he was same deputy to Dimeji Bankole, all in it together ), Obasanjo’s letter and Sanusi’s Judas Iscariot betrayal ( wonder what he is waiting for?)
Nigeria collectively belongs to all of us and the interest of the whole is paramount. Let us be selfless- that way democracy will take root in our land.

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