Satisfying quest for spiritual power

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The quest for power has never been the problem but the nature of such power and most importantly, the means through which individuals go about trying to obtain power.
It is sad that many Christians today have been overtaken by teachings on prosperity by some over zealous preachers, that they no longer pay attention to living a life of holiness and righteousness.

While many others, spend all available time, fighting satan in what is termed spiritual warfare, which is often done without proper knowledge, they leave out rendering soul inspiring praises in which the Bible records, is where the Almighty God inhabits and of course, which also, move him to action.

The quest or hunger for spiritual power to engage in spiritual warfare especially, which has lured many into satan’s kingdom, is the main thrust of “The Hunger for Spiritual Power”, a 128 page book, written by Henry Nwachukwu.
The author attempts in this spiritual exercise under review, which he organises into five chapters, to help individuals focus on the need to hunger for genuine power which actually, is more like the grace to move mountain  which only the supreme God offers to those who diligently seek Him.

The author begins with acknowledgments of the existence of one and only true God- the Supreme God who alone, created all things and controls and directs every activity in the world. He attempts further to defend his knowledge of God’s identity by quoting from Genesis to Revelation, all nomenclatures that prove the supremacy of God.

This opening chapter progresses with an expose on the enemy which is satan who has since he lost his glory, been in opposition with the people of God. Henry notes at this juncture, that it is the devil who gives counterfeit powers so as to imitate genuine powers that come from God. Most importantly, this chapter records that “No matter the gods in operation, be it the devil, his agents, idols, shrines, deities, or altars of worship to unknown gods, Christians have a God that is above them all.

The book records notable distinctions between good and evil as well as their battlefield which is the world, where there is continuous struggling to overcome each other.

Chapter four which shares same title as the book, maintains that the first step towards having access to spiritual power is to be born again. In defense, the author states that the moment a person receives the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Saviour, such individual is initiated and incubated with a glorious power to live an undefeated life.

Prayer as an important aspect of Christain life is discussed in Chapter five which is the last chapter. And rather than stop at that, Henry  emphasises here that there is greater need for fervent prayer. He posits that while prayer can make things happen, fervent prayer on the other hand, can make greater things take place. Examples of men and women of God in the likes of Prophet Elijah, Hannah, Queen Esther, etc, who did greater exploits and or called down the mercy of God through earnest prayers are enumerated in this chapter.

The book will be highly beneficial to young Christians to enable them not to derail in their walk with God and thus, recommended.
There are however, some typographic errors, omissions and grammatical errors which nevertheless, didn’t do harm to Henry’s efforts.

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