Regulation necessary for secure mobile service delivery —Aderinlola

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Chief Executive Officer of Beyondbrances Nigeria Limited, Simon Aderinlola has said that some of the regulatory frameworks put in place by telecommunication companies in Nigeria are necessary measures that would ensure a more secure service delivery in the sector.

File photo: refurbished phones

File photo: refurbished phones

He stated this while speaking to Vanguard on the challenges some app developers especially startups are having in getting Value Added Service licence to deploy services.

He said, “The requirement of VAS licence makes sense because the regulator desires to know everybody playing in the space and if there are challenges or there are anybody claiming there are rogue services, they want to track who did it.So that is justifiable.

“To me my approach usually to a regulation defined challenge is to not complain about the regulation but rather to look for ways that I can intelligently solve my problem.

The issue as I understand it for app builders today who desire to provide services in the value added services realm is that we do not have control over how much the regulator places on the getting of that licence.

But if today we are paying N500, 000, we cannot change that overnight, rather what I think of is that I know that there are good number of VAS providers who already have licence and are ready to partner with anybody who is credible and desires to make use of their VAS licence to deploy services.

“All these guys do is to simply look at the services you want to deploy and if its meet their minimum standards they are willing to sign a simple Memorandum of Understanding with you, meaning you have crossed that hurdle.

Once you don’t have a fishy or dubious service, you would always find a way without necessarily paying these five hundred thousand naira.”

Speaking on the current state of affairs between the telecommunication companies and service developers, he said that market forces would determine how that is going to change is the future.

According to him, “Market forces have changed a lot of things, where we are today is not where we were or even thought we would be.

So I am very optimistic that the telecommunication companies having such strong experience with them and usually having a global view in the business that they deploy in any countr, are aware of the shift that is generally happening with how services are deployed with options for monetization for people who are building services. “So I am sure that they are aware.

I am very positive that the movement of people in the use of smart phones in accessing over the top services will eventually help the telecomm companies see why they need to address some of these challenges. They will eventually see that people are finding alternatives and they will decide to bring down what they have in order to still remain in the market.”

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