What lessons to learn from Nelson Mandela!

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Since his demise last week, the world has not stopped to eulogise the virtues of  former South African President, Nelson Mandela for the sacrifices he made for the freedom of his people and his devotion to humanity. While he lived, Mandela inspired countless individuals  not only in South Africa, but also, across the world.  Our reporter samples the opinions of Nigerian entertainers in respect of what lessons the world would learn from Mandela’s life and times.


Beverly Osu

Mandela was an inspiration to the world

In fact, he was an inspiration to the world. He was a man with a brave heart and mind. We all commended his accomplishments in life. It is always good to be humble and also, good to do what you know how to do best. We are really going to miss him so much- Beverly Osu


He taught me the act of humility.

Mandela lived a worthy life of emulation. Other  African leaders and the world at large should learn from his selfless service to humanity. Even when his tenure as South Africa’s  first black President expired, he willingly stepped down unlike most African leaders who would want to die in power. His life taught me how to be humble and nice to people.
—- Mariam Elisha

He was a great man

He was a great man. A man who fought for the freedom of his country. He was instrumental to the emergence of democracy in South Africa. In fact, he was a legend. He was one of my mentors. He went through many things to make South Africa what it is today. He taught me how to be  humble and discipline. He also taught me how to follow my mind.

—Triple Tee


Mr. Ibu


Mandela was the second Jesus Christ

The death of Nelson Mandela has created a vacuum in the soul of Africa. Nobody has achieved what Mandela accomplished in his lifetime. We pray that he finds peace in the bosom of the Lord. He was not just an ordinary man, he suffered for his people.

He fought for everybody in Africa. In fact, I am beginning to see him as the second Jesus Christ. He should be exalted after Jesus Christ because he suffered for the people.—-Mr. Ibu


He was the last moral authority from Africa
To me, Nelson Mandela was the last moral authority Africa gave to the world. The world will not have any other person like him.— Charles Novia


He was  many persons in one
He was a great man,  a symbol of freedom as far as the world is concerned. He fought for the freedom of  South Africa. He was many persons in one. I don’t know if anybody can spend 27 years in jail and still come out alive even when there were attempts to kill him. I urge our leaders to emulate his virtues. I have learnt to be selfless as well as to put my feet down in defence of my rights. In all, I have learnt how to achieve greatness. There are so many things to learn from him- Shirley Igwe

His death unites  the whole world
He lived a life of an African man. He really fought for what he believed in. We should learn to fight for what we believe in. We should learn  to fight  for our country in particular and the continent in general. His death unites the whole world  because Presidents of different countries of the world came together in honour of the great man.  — Nkem Ike




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