Igali explains why he dedicated building to NWF, NOC

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By  Solomon Nwoke, Yenagoa

President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation ( NWF), Dr Daniel Igali has explained the reason behind the one storey building he dedicated to the federation and the Technical Commission of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) which was commissioned Thursday in Yenagoa by the NOC president, Engr. Sani Ndanusa.

Dr. Igali said that he erected the building with the view of having a functional structure as he hoped to perform his job as the wrestling federation boss and Chairman of the NOC  Technical Commission.

“The edifice is for the NOC Technical Commission and the wrestling federation. The essence of it is that I cannot be in Abuja everyday and do my work . I live in and work in Bayelsa. The work that pays me as a member of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly is in Yenagoa and I have to separate my activities as a member of Bayelsa House of Assembly and the work that I do for the NWF and NOC Technical Commission. That was why I elected to build this edifice to make my job easier first and foremost.

“Secondly, it’s also to let people understand that the business of sports is a very important one and for any investor or sponsor coming into the NWF or any sponsor who wants to talk about technical issues in the NOC, walking into our office will understand that it’s a serious office. And the business of sports has to be that way because, I get the tendency from people that sports is something that is done haphazardly, that we don’t have any planning and that sportsmen and women are people you could be taken for a ride. I want to dispel that notion by people and I think that is why it’s been we’ll received . For me, the edifice is not only for wrestling and NOC Technical Commission, other federations wanting to have a business to be done there I will gladly oblige them use it. We have very modern facilities there with internet .

There’s no way I want to communicate with the world that I won’t be able to communicate in the office and I am happy about that. It also has a boardroom for any federation to have their meeting and make some presentations.

“If am no longer the President of NWF or the Chairman of the NOC  Technical Commission, it is my private property that I have donated for this course, it means the NOC commission is not paying rent for this building. That is my donation, that is what I think I am giving back to sports and I think that is what a lot of sports men and women have to do”.

Also reacting to the gesture as he commissioned the edifice, the President of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), Engr Sani Ndanusa hailed Dr Igali who doubles as the President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) at the ceremony. Engr Ndanusa who was in Yenagoa for the opening of the Governor Seriake Wrestling Championship said he was impressed by the efforts of the NOC  Technical Committee Chairman in the propagation of sports in the country.

“I must confess that I am so impressed by the works of Dr Daniel Igali who heads the technical committee of  the NOC since he became president of the NWF. He has proven to us that the choice of making him Chairman of the NOC technical committee  was no mistake, and I sincerely believe that the secretariat for the technical committee would enhance further development of sports in the country”, the NOC Boss said.

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