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    I want to remain young and fit always – Kehinde

    Ebun Sessou

    Mr. Kehinde Abiola is the National Executive Director, Nigeria of the Opportunity Industrialisation Centre. He is our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk as he speaks on why he is so much concerned about his health especially now he’s 50 years.

    At 50, how have you been coping with your health?

    *Kehinde Abiola

    I focus on foods that would nourish my body, not just eating for the sake of it. Although I used to eat eba while growing up, but at this age I had to caution myself in line with the medical advice to live healthy . I still eat solid food but, I make sure I take

    a lot of fruits before going to bed. I don’t always eat much because of my age. And I believe anyone who wants to live a long should be disciplined and obey healthy rules.

    Growing up?

    As a young man, I’ve always been excited whenever I see pounded yam. But now, the story has changed because bof my

    health; I eat it with moderation,and with vegetable soup which has inestimable nutritional value to the body.

    Have you ever played pranks to get pounded yam?

    If I play pranks at all, it was during my secondary school days. But, I can’t remember any now.

    How often do you exercise?

    My wife tutors me on various exercises including jogging and that is what I do in my house. She teaches and reminds me to do exercises always.

    And your drinks?

    I take water every time. But, I indulge in juice once or twice every two months. I’ve taken my eyes off sweet drinks. I also trust in God to live long. I want to look young and healthy always to achieve my purpose in life.

     Nutritional value of Banana

    The nutritional value of banana is various;and it is also useful for weight gain as well as weight loss. Constipation, bowel problems, anemia, blood pressure, heart problems, ulcers, brain stimulation, depression, nervous disorders, stress, morning sickness, menstruation, etc.

    Banana has a very delicious taste and usually it’s eaten raw. It can to cure both constipation and diarrhea and also a good treatment for anemia. Banana helps to build muscles and increase the production of red blood cells in the body.

    It is used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders because of it is soft and succulent . It also cures over-acidity and reduces annoyance by coating the lining of the stomach.

    Banana has a high amount of potassium which fortifies the nerves in the body.

    Banana has low salt, making it perfect to beat blood pressure and stroke.

    The Day’s Menu

    Smoked Turkey Vegetable soup


    Pieces smoked turkey drums

    Red bell pepper/tatashe


    Fresh garlic cloves

    Ginger (size of garlic cloves)


    Red onion

    Fresh spinach

    Palm oil

    Vegetable oil

    Seasonings to taste

    Curry powder


    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

    Lightly rinse smoked turkey drums, drain and set aside

    Layer a baking pan with foil & wax paper, spray wax paper with cooking oil spray; add smoked turkey

    Put baking pan with smoked turkey into the oven, let bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes

    While that’s baking, cut up peppers, add to blender with 1/2 cup water

    Add palm oil & vegetable oil to a pot, let heat up over medium heat; blend peppers

    Once blended, add peppers to hot oil

    Add seasonings and let boil 30 minutes over medium heat

    Rinse and chop up spinach

    Squeeze and drain excess liquid from spinach (if yours is frozen), set aside

    Check on smoked turkey in oven, if done, turn off heat and wait for peppers to boil; if not, leave a few minutes longer

    If pepper taste is not okey (see notes for how to know), reduce heat , add baked turkey drums

    Stir turkey into pepper, still over low heat

    Add chopped spinach over turkey

    Mix chopped spinach into turkey stew thoroughly for even distribution

    Let simmer over low-medium heat for about 5 minutes

    Leave for another 5 minutes before serving

    8 diets everybody should try

    Continued from last week

    Black beans are good for our heart, and can improve our brain capacity. The beans are rich antioxidants like anthocyanin and other antioxidants.

    Walnuts are richer in omega 3 fatty acids than salmon and have more anti inflammatory polyphenol compounds as compared to red wine along with half as much muscle building proteins as compared to chickens. A serving of seven nuts should be good as daily in-take.

    Oats are the most prominent health food which is available in the market. They are carbohydrates in nature but help in releasing the sugars locked by fibers. As oats provide 10 grams protein per half cup serving, they provide ample amounts of muscle building power.

    If you have any experience with some of these foods, please do share it with us. I would love to here from you.

    Text messages

    How can I loose weight?


    My friend, the healthy advice I can give you is to maintain healthy living and make sure you adhere to your doctor’s advice.

    I eat rice, beans, ripe plantain and meat everyday is it good for my health?

    Benedicta from Warri


    As far as your health is concerned, eating right is the best business on earth. So, ensure whatever you eat is such that is good for your health. You can also make varieties with those foods you mention as well. Beans and plantain with vegetable sauce. Plantain porridge with vegetable sauce as well. I wish you good health.


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